Visit Mohonk Mountain House in New York

Did you know there’s a timeless European castle only 100 miles outside of New York City? This charming and historic resort is located in upstate New York nestled in the Hudson Valley.  Initiated in 1869, the Mohonk Mountain House was once a 10-room inn created by Albert Smiley. Travel + Leisure gives us the perfect insight. The resort continues under the operation of the Smiley family to this day. Enjoy a lakefront stay on Mohonk Lake, admire panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains, take a hike on one of many trails, or recharge in a world-class spa.

Mohonk Mountain House is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Celebrate by joining a special anniversary weekend, during which you will meet Smiley family members and learn more about the family’s history of the land. Try a sweet scoop of Mohonk Mountain Crunch ice cream, a special edition flavor created in collaboration with Jane’s Ice Cream. Looking for an interesting interactive experience? Celebrate the history and culture of the resort by downloading the Hidden Histories augmented reality app on any smartphone to make the artwork come to life throughout the hotel. Here’s a list of what to do to make your Mohonk trip the most memorable getaway yet:

Eat a Memorable Meal

 An overnight stay at Mohonk Mountain House includes three daily meals. Guests can choose from a buffet with options that are sure to please any palate. For a more luxurious and crafted experience, waltz down to the resort’s new fine dining room, known as the Surrey, and be regaled by the four-course dinner. Dress up, sip sommelier-suggested wines, and feast on dishes like seared sea scallops or braised duck ravioli.

Take a Hike at Sunrise

Rise and shine early one morning to take a tranquil hike up to the Sky Top Tower. Made of stone, this tower can be found on the Sky Top Path, taking you up a hill, past cliffside lookouts and gazebos, until you reach the tower. Get even higher by ascending the tower itself, breathing the clean mountain air and taking in the sight of multiple states.

Hit the Spa

 A sign of a good spa is the incorporation of a local element. At the Mohonk, this lavish local element can be found in the Shawangunk Grit Mineral Body Treatment. This is an 80 minute experience beginning with a soak in the tub, followed by a “Shawangunk Grit” exfoliation, and finished with a relaxing massage. The “Shawangunk Grit” is fine quartz quarried from the resort’s own cliffs. The spa also includes a fitness center, a eucalyptus steam room, an indoor heated pool, verandas, and a solarium.

Climb on the Rock Scramble

Not for the claustrophobic, the rock scramble is a trail that takes you above, below, and through rock formations of all shapes and sizes. Children and adults alike can be seen squeezing through an intricate series of rocks and boulders. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes with a good grip!

Feel the Lake Breeze from a Boat

 The calm waters of Mohonk Lake are perfect for an afternoon of row boating, paddle boating, canoeing, or kayaking. These options are all free to guests. Here’s a tip: for a full picture (or selfie) of the castle, take a boat out into the middle of the lake for a great shot.

Relax Fireside in Your Room

Most of the rooms at Mohonk include a fully working, wood-burning fireplace. Everything needed to kindle a flame is included in the room and ready to go, but if you are in need of assistance, simply call the front desk and they will dispatch someone to start the fire for you.

See the Grounds on Horseback

 You can view the Mohonk Mountain Castle grounds from the back of an old-fashioned carriage pulled by a mule or atop a horse on a trail ride around the resort. Kids can ride a real life pony as part of the Mohonk Kids’ Club. Equestrian activities are not included with a standard overnight stay and must be reserved beforehand.

Show Off Your Moves

Live bands stop by the resort throughout the year. Grab a drink from the bar and choose your spot to listen and groove to the tunes. Similar to Olive Garden, everyone feels like family at Mohonk, so know someone may extend a hand and pull you to the dance floor. If dancing is not your forte, stay for the sports. In the winter, you can partake in outdoor winter activities like ice skating, curling, and cross-country skiing on over 30 miles of trails.

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Resorts in the U.S that are a Must

Resorts can be a great vacation option. Not only are they relaxing but they are usually inclusive, too. Typically, everything you would need can be found on the premises. The best part? All of the locations on this list are right here in the United States; meaning you don’t even have to leave the country. shared 19 of the Best Resorts in the U.S. We are here to tell you about 6 of those resorts.

Indian Wells, California

Palm Springs can be overwhelming if you are looking for a nice get away around that area. The Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa is the perfect getaway for those who want to be close to the city but not TOO close. Located at the bottom of the Santa Rosa mountains, this resort offers golf and bike riding though through the community. There is, of course, a spa and there are even three pools, so you have options. Joshua Tree National Park is also nearby making this resort the perfect nature get away.

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

What about a grand hotel that has 10 lobbies? The Greenbrier is the perfect destination for those of all ages. This historical hotel is actually a National Historic Landmark and over 20 presidents have visited the grounds of this beautiful 11,000 acre resort, There are five golf courses, a mineral spa, over 30 shops, and more than 15 eateries located on the premises.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort is the perfect getaway for those who enjoy not only the outdoors but the beach as well. This resort is located in the central area of Hilton Head Island which means it is close to all of the restaurants and shopping areas. One of the best things about this resort is the multiple different rental options. Visitors can pick from a one bedroom rental fully equipped with a full kitchen and washer and dryer. You can even rent a whole home. This local offers so many activities. Rent a paddleboard or kayak, go on a bike ride, or even pick up a tennis racket. The options are endless.

Scottsdale. Arizona

Four pools, horseback riding, and 12-million year old boulder pile; what more could you ask for from a resort. The Boulders Resort & Spa, Curio Collection by Hilton offers its guest a quite unique experience. Did we mention you get to climb on the boulder pile? This resort is for those who are seeking some adventure while still being able to relax. The Boulders Resort & Spa has five different restaurants and there is even two golf courses.

Naples, Florida

The Naples Grande Beach Resort is the perfect getaway for those who are looking for more of a gulf coast local. Feel free to relax on the three miles of beach the resort offers. It has over 10 tennis court and even a nature walk. This Naples designation also has three pools and of course, a spa.

Sea Island, Georgia

If you are looking for a luxurious and private destination look no further than The Cloister at Sea Island. This resort offers 5 miles of beach, private beach. This island off of Georgia offers its visitors a much higher end resort, but if you have the budget it is totally worth it.

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Travel to San Miguel de Allende

Travelers who have visited Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende rave about its enchanting atmosphere Travel + Leisure recently published a very thorough and informative article about San Miguel de Allende. The city’s stunning architecture consisting of cobblestone streets and multicolored Spanish-colonial buildings is considered to be so unique that the city has been labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Some believe that the city has a special, enthralling effect on Americans ever since the art institute Escuela Universitaria de Bellas Artes welcomed Chicago’s Stirling Dickinson as the director. Under Dickinson’s direction, the city was transformed into an international arts colony. Following World War II, the G.I. Bill allowed veterans to travel to San Miguel to study. Consequently, descriptions of the city reached the United States, inspiring other Americans to add a visit to San Miguel on their bucket lists.

While art remains a crucial element of San Miguel, the emergence of the restaurants Moxi and Áperi have aided in the city’s transition to a gastronomic destination as well. At Moxi, diners experience a taste of traditional Mexican cuisine with some international influence, while Áperi offers “food for the five senses” that is inspired by ingredients from the region.

A key stop in San Miguel is the Church of Immaculate Conception, which is locally referred to as “Las Monjas” (the Nuns). When it was first built, it was intended to serve as a housing complex. Today, it functions as a convent for the sisters belonging to the order of the Immaculate Conception Church. Another crucial cultural stop is the Sanctuary of Atotonilco’s “Sistine Chapel of Mexico,” where visitors can view walls covered in breathtaking 18th century religious murals. For a more casual activity, visitors can travel to one of the many street markets to buy various handmade crafts. One of the most popular markets is the El Tianguis de los Martes, where shoppers can find baskets, pottery, clothing, and other keepsakes.

Naturally, luxury hotels have begun to open in the city as well. One of the most lavish of these hotels is the Casa de Sierra Nevada, which is made up of a nest of colonial-style mansions – one of which is the former home of the archbishop of San Miguel. Each mansion consists of about six rooms that each connect to a private courtyard, and the rooms are adorned with fireplaces, copper tubs, textiles, and wood flooring. After years of mainly accommodating backpackers and the avant-garde, some have expressed concerns about such elegant additions changing the city into a solely tourist town. However, others find the performers and vendors lining the streets to be festive and endearing.

The preservation of the Spanish-colonial architecture that serves as a trademark of San Miguel can be credited to the city’s place in history. When San Miguel was ruled by Spain, its population was larger than that of New York City. Following the Mexican War of Independence the population began to decrease, and by the conclusion of the Mexican Revolution in 1920, even more dwellers left the city. Without the wear and tear brought on by high population, San Miguel was able to remain in almost pristine condition throughout the years.

Current dwellers of San Miguel revel in the city’s distinctiveness. They say that the city holds all of the positive elements of Mexico, such as food, culture, and climate, but none of the negative elements. Many are confident that San Miguel is one of the safest cities in all of Mexico. In regard to San Miguel, Victor Martinez, a sous-chef at Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar at the hotel the Rosewood, says, “It’s an organized city – not like other Mexican cities.”

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Glass Domed Train in the Rocky Mountains

A train ride is quite the cathartic experience. It allows for a swift rate of travel without sacrificing the opportunity to witness a scenic view. If you ever find yourself in Western Canada, you should arrange for a train ride through Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Service.

These train rail cars are glass-domed, which allows passengers to have not only a side-view, but also an overhead-view. These full-domed cars are especially convenient when riding through the breathtaking mountain ranges characteristic of Western Canada. If passengers need a break from sitting or a little fresh air, they can step out to their rail car’s external viewing platform. To add to the sense of luxury, passengers are also treated to breakfast and lunch prepared gourmet chefs during the day, and fine wines and cheeses in the afternoon.

After a long day of traveling, passengers can jump off of the train and into a bed at one of Rocky Mountaineer’s hotels. Similar to the GoldLeaf rail cars, these hotels offer stunning views and total relaxation.

GoldLeaf Service is owned by a Canadian rail-tour company called Rocky Mountaineer. Rocky Mountaineer has already added four new carriages to its convoy but is planning to add three more in 2020. The four that have been recently added will follow a two-day route called “First Passage to the West,” spanning from Vancouver to either Lake Louise or Banff and another two-day route from Vancouver to Jasper, called Journey through the Clouds.”

The First Passage through the West route is recommended to those with a love for history. A highlight of this train route is that it passes by Craigellachie, which is the location where the ‘Last Spike’ to complete the Canadian Pacific Railway, thus connecting Canada from East to West. This route also travels across the Continental Divide, through the famous Spiral Tunnels, and past the Hoodoos, formations which – according to legend – are people who have been transformed into pillars through way of witchcraft. If you aren’t that concerned about history, the plethora of mountain views still make this route enjoyable.

The scenic Journey through the Clouds route travels through valleys, the Coast Mountains range, and the Fraser Canyon. The route flows along the Fraser River and passes by the Albreda Glacier and a 300-foot waterfall called Pyramid Falls. Other featured sights are Hell’s Gate, a 108-foot wide ravine (double the size of Niagara Falls), and an 812-foot long truss arch bridge called Cisco Crossing.

The GoldLeaf rail cars were designed and constructed by Stadler– a 75-year-old rail car company rooted in Switzerland. Stadler takes pride in its traditional Swiss values and the fact that the company is 90 percent family-owned. They assert their passion for producing trains that require low maintenance, are energy efficient, and that live up to all of their customers’ wishes and expectations. These passions obviously manifest in the GoldLeaf rail cars, which each hold 72 passengers and feature heated, reclining seats – it is no wonder that these rail cars make history as Rocky Mountaineer’s biggest capital investment.

In a statement about GoldLeaf Service, the president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountaineer, Steve Sammut says, “We were intentional in designing these new cars to offer the same exemplary guest comfort across the entire fleet, while also making numerous engineering enhancements behind the scenes that reflect our goal of constantly enhancing both the experience and efficiency of our service.”

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Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador

Travel+Leisure has a Canada Travel Guide that you won’t want to miss!

We focus in this blog on the areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The second largest country in the world, Canada offers a vast variety of activities for travelers that want to vacation in the area. With a climate that varies from offering four distinct seasons to areas that are fairly hot or intensely cold, it is almost a one stop shop in terms of vacation planning.

Located to the far east of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador is the combination province of the mainland, Labrador, and the island of Newfoundland. The province proudly calls itself home to the oldest settlements and cities in North America. Home to approximately half a million people, Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the must visit vacation destinations in Canada.

Things To Do in Canada

Iceberg Viewing:

When visiting Newfoundland and Labrador, iceberg viewing is definitely a must. Even on a sunny day, 10,000-year-old icebergs can be seen along the northern and eastern coasts. The main location to spot the ice giants isIceberg Alley, which spans from the coast of Labrador to the southeast coast of Newfoundland. The best ways to watch icebergs is by boat tour or kayak.


There are approximately 29,000 kilometers (18,000 miles) of coastline that can be explored. This includes beaches, sea stacks, and around 300 hiking and walking trails. It also is not uncommon to spot seabirds, whales, and icebergs on these adventures. Must visits are Green Gardens and Burnt Hill, both in Gros Morne National Park, and the East Coast Trail. Check out this link for the best hiking trails.

Places To Eat in Canada

Raymond’s Restaurant:

Raymond’s Restaurant debuted in 2011 and is operated out of a building dating back to 1915. A classic example of architecture in the area, the restaurant is also named after the grandfather of the head chef and the father of the sommelier- both of which were named Raymond.

The restaurant gets all of its ingredients locally, which includes the fresh seafood that is always served. Canada has wonderful fresh ingredients. While the menu changes regularly, there are certain staples that one can try at any point during the year such as roasted Quebec duck with savory duck sausage or smoked pork shoulder.

Java Jack’s Restaurant and Gallery:

Java Jack’s is located directly in the center of Gros Morne National Park in Canada. Java Jack’s began as a cafe in 2000 but became increasingly popular and, in 2003, opened a restaurant in the upstairs portion of their building. They serve fresh fish and seafood, wild game, and even offer vegetarian options. All of the restaurant’s vegetables are completely organic and grown in a large garden behind the building. They also grow flowers to place upstairs in the restaurant dining room and downstairs in the cafe.

Newfoundland and Labrador is undoubtedly an underrated travel destination. With its own rich culture in one of the largest countries in the world, it still manages to offer a unique experience unmatched by other parts of Canada.

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Travel-Pools With A View

If a pool with a view is what you’re looking for when making travel arrangements, this is the blog for you. Whether you find solace in overlooking cityscapes, rustic greenery, or calm waters, it’s almost inherent for vacationers to seek a hotel room with a stunning view when prepping for a getaway.

What if your fix of soothing scenery didn’t have to end at your hotel room’s window? If this seems enticing to you, you should add Travel + Leisurepools with scenic views to your list of hotel criteria the next time you’re in the market for a refreshing vacation.

The Loren at Pink Beach: Tucker’s Town, Bermuda

If you’re a fan of crystal-blue waters, travel no further than The Loren in Tucker’s Town, Bermuda. The Loren features two outdoor swimming pools overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. If the waves are tempting to you, you can even venture down to the private white sand beach for a closer view.

Grand Ferdinand: Vienna, Austria

The Grand Ferdinand, located in the center of Vienna, Austria, is home to a rooftop pool that is kept at a relaxing 73.4° F (23° C). From the pool, you can oversee the beautifully crafted buildings that make up the Vienna skyline.

Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko Olina: Oahu, Hawaii

If you find serenity in sunsets, travel to the Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko Olina is the place for you. The resort, which sits on a white-sand beach bordering the Pacific Ocean, features four pools. Three of these pools were strategically placed on the west-end of the resort so guests can relax while they watch the breathtaking sunsets of Oahu.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Lake Como, Italy

At the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, located at the edge of Lake Como in Italy, features three pools which the hotel refers to as their “three turquoise jewels.” Their featured pool is a floating pool that rests on Lake Como and overlooks the province of Bellagio. Their “Piscina dei Fiori,” more commonly referred to as their Flowers Pool, is a quiet pool surrounded by trees, shrubs, and of course, flowers. While this pool is a bit more secluded, guests can still catch a glimpse of Lake Como in the distance. Though the hotel’s Infinity Pool is located indoors, the glass walls surrounding it allow for a full view of Lake Como.

Kimpton Everly Hotel: Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Kimpton Everly Hotel features a contemporary rooftop pool that allows a view of the Southern California skyline and the Hollywood Hills. If you’re in the pool in the evening, you might even be able to catch a film screening or a musical performance.

Gansevoort Meatpacking: New York City

Vacationing in the winter? That’s not a problem at New York City’s Gansevoort Meatpacking. This hotel houses a rooftop pool that’s heated year-round. With a 360-degree view overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River, it’s the perfect place to watch the New York sunset.

Mulia Villas: Bali, Indonesia

The Mulia Villas, which overlooks the Indian Ocean, features six outdoor swimming pools. From their infinity Oasis Pool, guests can see a hilltop temple. The peacefulness is enhanced by stone statues of Balinese women located on the outskirts of the pool.

Snake River Sporting Club: Jackson, Wyoming

The infinity pool at the Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson, Wyoming mimics the shape of a grand piano and overlooks the Snake River Canyon and Bridger-Teton National Forest, which allows for a view of luscious green hills for miles. If you get tired of wading in the water, you can settle next to the area’s fire pit to watch the sun set behind the hills of trees.

The Palms Turks and Caicos: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

AtThe Palms Turks and Caicos, guests can relax in a serpentine infinity pool while taking in the views of the Caribbean. The resort even offers poolside wifi and fresh fruit kabobs to really heighten the island experience.

Montage Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach, California

While the Mosaic Pool at Montage Laguna Beach in Laguna Beach, California, is a sight within itself, the pool also overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by palm trees and perfectly-sculpted grass. If you’re in the pool during sunset, you’ll be in for an experience as the sun’s rays produce a shimmering effect on the mosaic tiles that make up the pool.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba: Riviera Maya, Mexico

At the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Reviera Maya, Mexico, guests can relax in either of the resort’s two outdoor pools. One of the pools allows for a view of the Caribbean while the other overlooks the resort’s golf course and a peaceful canal surrounded by mangroves.

The Curtain: London, England

The Curtain is home to one of the few heated rooftop pools in London, England. Located in East London, the pool overlooks the neighborhood of Shoreditch, giving guests a view of the urban skyline.

The Inn at Dos Brisas: Washington, Texas

AtThe Inn at Dos Brisas in Washington, Texas, guests can get a taste of life on the homestead. The Inn’s infinity pool offers a view of meadows that are home to several horses. Since The Inn is tucked away and far from city lights, their outdoor pool is the perfect location to star gaze.

Grace Santorini: Santorini, Greece

TheGrace Santorini, located on a hilltop in Santorini, Greece, features an infinity pool with a view of the Aegean Sea and Skaros Rock. This pool, which is also the largest infinity pool in Santorini, is the best place to sit back and watch the Santorini sunset.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The rooftop pool at Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Playa del Carmen, Mexico sits right above the oceanside and even has a clear glass bridge for guests to swim through. Just make sure you’re photo ready; as you swim through the bridge, a camera will capture a picture of you to take home as a souvenir.

Regent Porto Montenegro: Tivat, Montenegro

If the infinity pool overlooking Boka Bay and the marina doesn’t satisfy your scenic craving, Regent Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Montenegro houses two additional pools that give alternative views of the bay. All of the pools are equipped with high quality sunbeds to enhance your relaxation experience.

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore: Baltimore, Maryland

At the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore, positioned on Baltimore’s Recreation Pier, a private pool overlooks a lively waterfront. From the pool, guests are offered a sweeping viewof the harbor, marina, and cityscape.

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel: Sacramento, California

Travel to the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel  to see the home to the first rooftop pool in Sacramento. The pool allows for a breathtaking view of downtown Sacramento and Golden 1 Center. You can also enjoy the view while participating in pool-side yoga or listening to live music.

Orient Jerusalem: Jerusalem, Israel

If you’re in the mood for a historic view, consider the Orient Jerusalem in Israel. The hotel’s rooftop infinity pool overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem. From the pool, guests have clear views of popular landmarks of the city.

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