Best Places to Watch Flowers Bloom

Have you ever thought about taking a vacation just to Watch Flowers Bloom? Well, you should. We go to see the mountains and the sand so why not the flowers? There are places all over the world, but some are right in our backyard. Travel+ Leisure recently posted an article showcasing the top places to visit to see the flowers bloom, here are 8 of those spots.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Have you ever heard of a Wildflower Festival? Crested Butte, Colorado offers its visitors many different activities to enjoy; hikes/walks, garden tours, art workshops and more! It is the 33rd year that the festival is held. July 5tht o the 14th trails open for an unbelievable sight of wildflowers. Not only will you experience the flowers but because it is up in the West Elk mountains the view itself will be quite stunning.  

Kauai, Hawaii

The best part about Kauai, Hawaii is the McBryde Garden Biodiversity Trail. The trail offers guided and unguided tours. Endangered and rare plants are conserved here and you can even see how movies like Jurassic Park were made.  Make sure to visit their visitor information before making the trip so you have everything you need.

And the best part? Because the area is so wet all of the time, there is always something blooming.

Arizona-Sonora Desert, Arizona

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is over 90 acres of multiple attractions including; a botanical garden, natural history museum, zoo, art gallery, aquarium, and a zoo! On top of that the Museum’s mission is to help conserve the Sonoran Desert region. The Museum is also often named on the top ten zoological parks in the world. The unique thing about this Museum is that 85% of it is outside.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Every year in Chiang Mai (also known as the “rose of the north) there is a Flower Festival that is three days long. It is in February when the season is being to warm up. There are flower floats and Thai women, younger women, carry baskets around while wearing floor length gowns, and usually a band after. Much like our own parades. You can pick your own bundle of lilies.

Furano, Japan

Have you ever seen a lavender field? Furano, Japan’s mild summers make it one of the best places to grow lavender. Farm Tomita offers an unbelievable views, creating a rainbow that appears to look fake. July is the perfect time to go, they even have a lavender themed gift shop. They even have soft-serve that is lavender flavored.

Mainau Island, Germany

Mainau Island, Germany, also known as “Flower Island”. This island has over 110 acres of paths, flower beds, and sweeping lawns. There are two waves a blooming, one in late March and then the next one starting in late May. The island also offers places to eat and of course places to shop.

Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

Because Australia’s season are flopped from ours, it’s a perfect getaway during the colder months here in the states. There is an annual Tulip Time Festival.Corbett Gardens has been having the festival since 1911. It is also the center of the Spring Garden Festival, over 30,000 people visit the festival. The garden is usually free unless you are going during the Tulip Time Festival, so make sure you check so you don’t show up empty handed.

Giverny, France

Giverny, France  is known as the village where the painter Claude Monet lived for over 40 years. Giverny is home to his house as well as his garden, which reopened on March 22nd. You can even book a private tour to be guided thru Monet’s beautiful garden. Visit their website for all of your booking information.

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Top Places to See the Northern Lights

Want a unique vacation spot? Look no further than the Northern Lights. Once discovering this beautiful sight, you also have to find the best place to actually see them. Travel + Leisure recently published an article exploring the best places to see the Northern Lights; read the entire article here.

Northern Lights

Fairbanks, Alaska

Look no further than Fairbanks, Alaska. Chena Hot Springs Resort. This resort has everything you could ask for. Chena Hot Springs Resort even has its own viewing dome to watch the Northern Lights. Or if you prefer to just sit and relax with a fishing pole, the resort has its own Ice Fishing Tour. But probably the best part is the Chena Kennel that offers dog sled and dog cart rides year-round, depending on the weather of course.

The Northern Lights are seen between the hours of 11:30 pm and 3:30 am. The resort offers guests the service of being woken up by a phone call or a knock on their door when the Lights begin to appear.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Stay within the states and see the lights from Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania. Hidden away from larger cities around them, this park is a Gold Level International Dark Sky Park. This means the park is a great place to view the Lights and even if you do not get to see them, the stars will be more than visible.

Churchill, Canada

Churchill is often known for the polar bears that roam the area. The Northern Lights can be seen here more than 300 nights out of the year. There is the option to book a vacation that is centered around learning at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. If for some reason you miss the lights, the polar bears will totally make up for it.

Yukon, Canada

Visit the Northern Lights Resort and Spa in Whitehorse to receive the perfect pampering before viewing the green and yellow lights in the sky. Yukon also offers its guest the unique experience to learn about the folklore and science that make up the colors of the lights in Watson Lake ate the Northern Lights Centre. The lights only come around Yukon territory during the months of August to about the middle of April.


Iceland’s viewing season are the months of August through the first few days of May. Located In southern Iceland, the Hotel Rangá is the place to go. The Hotel offers many activities dedicated for the cold weather. Anything you could think of; prefer animals? Check out the dog sledding and whale-watching. Or take the water route and try the freshwater fishing and the glacier tours. The best part? The Hotel has a webcam that has a live stream of the Northern Lights, so you can check it out even before deciding to take the trip.


Mirrie Dancers, that’s what the Scots call the Northern Lights. Start your stay off by checking in as a restored Shetland lighthouse, Sumburgh Head. Sumburgh Head offers its guest a view of a puffin nesting area. During your stay make sure to visit the Callanish Standing Stones, which is a man-made structure that is thought to be built around 5,000 years ago.


What better way to see the lights than in a glass igloo? Kakslauttanen Resort offers its guest this once in a lifetime opportunity. Finland has a view of the Northern Lights about 200 nights out of the year. These are not the only accommodations in Finland; find one that fits your needs.


Interested in taking a trip that offers more than just the Northern Lights? Sweden is the place to be. Stay in the famous Icehotel. This structure, made out of ice, is rebuilt every year. The hotel offers many different options for its guest. Do you enjoy sleeping cold? Check out the cold room suites at the hotel or if you prefer warmer temperature they have warmer options.

Ever thought about taming a reindeer and searching for the Northern Lights? Try out the Lip Lip experience.  Photography tours are perfect for those who also want to capture the lights also while exploring them.


Greenland offers what some would say, the best visibility of the lights in some places due to the low amount of light pollution in the area. The best time to go would  be between the months of September to the first couple of weeks in April.

Still want to experience an igloo? Hotel Arctic offers them. There is even an old U.S. military base, Kangerlussuaq, that is available to tour.

Tromsø, Norway

This area is known for having the most probability for seeing the lights. “The Gateway to the Arctic” is a go-to name for the city. Visitors have the unlimited options of tours available. The amazing views surround the city. Interested in trying reindeer stew? Check out Emma’s Restaurant for authentic, unique food options.

Svalbard, Norway

Norway does not disappoint with options for places to go to view the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a string of islands located in in the Arctic. Starting in mid-November and February, Svalbard experiences perpetual darkness which means even during the day the islands experience darkness. This means double the amount of times you can see the Northern Lights!

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What to Do in Anaheim, California

Although most people may head to Anaheim just to visit Disneyland park, the area has so much more to offer!  This sunny Southern California town, with its dry, mild climate, is home to family-friendly restaurants, affordable chain hotels and sprawling strip malls. The area is very diverse, hosting rich immigrant communities that add a complex layer of food, culture and fun.  The locals are typically very active and enjoy sporting events and outdoor venues. Here are some of the best things to do if heading toward Orange County based off the New York Times list recently published.

1.    Catch a Sporting Event

The Angel Stadium of Anaheim is home to the Los Angeles Angels. The stadium is the fourth oldest in Major League Baseball and boasts a 230 foot sign that has a halo on top that lights up in honor of every victory.  A home game can attract up to 45,000 screaming fans so if you are looking for an active atmosphere then this is as good a place as any.

If ice hockey is more your taste then just opposite the Angel Stadium is the Honda Center, home to the Anaheim Ducks.  The center hosts a variety of events like football and live concerts.  In fact, when it first opened in June 1993, the first performance ever was a concert by Barry Manilow.  Once there, it may look eerily familiar.  It was also the location that the animated TV series Mighty Ducks.

2.    See Live Music

A lot of things in Anaheim are on a large scale and sometimes it is nice to enjoy some entertainment with a lot less people and a lot more intimacy.  City National Grove of Anaheim is a versatile 1,700-seat facility, located adjacent to Angel Stadium. It is consistently ranked as a “Top 10 Stop” in North America and is known for legendary performances by Prince, Merle Haggard, Lewis Black, Ray Charles and Stevie Nicks, among many others. It boasts state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment and an experienced staff that is ready to create a one-of-a-kind event of any size.  Any day of the week the multipurpose, indoor venue hosts a variety of live concerts, family shows, comedy, community and private events.

3.    Visit a Park

Sitting just outside Anaheim is Ralph B. Clark Regional Park. A great location for those who like the fresh air and outdoors life.  The park has many activities to enjoy with your family and friends such as cycling, fishing, hiking, boating, or even stop for a picnic or barbeque.   Birders love to sit at one of the many picnic tables or under a shade tree with their binoculars and some snacks, as they can enjoy more than 130 varieties of species.  The hiking trails are a magnet for visitors because they are shaded by trees and run along the outer perimeter of the park.

If biking is more your preferred activity, try Canyon Rim Park.  This 6.5-acre park has 56 regular parking spots, as well as 2 spots that accommodate for people with disabilities, restrooms, drinking fountains and trash receptacles. There are a multitude of trail varieties and difficulties so no matter your age or physical restriction, there will be a trail for you. The park is located near the southerly entrance to the Deer Canyon Park Preserve and the trails leading to Oak Canyon Nature Center as well as the Walnut Canyon Reservoir Trail.

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