Best Places to Watch Flowers Bloom

Have you ever thought about taking a vacation just to Watch Flowers Bloom? Well, you should. We go to see the mountains and the sand so why not the flowers? There are places all over the world, but some are right in our backyard. Travel+ Leisure recently posted an article showcasing the top places to visit to see the flowers bloom, here are 8 of those spots.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Have you ever heard of a Wildflower Festival? Crested Butte, Colorado offers its visitors many different activities to enjoy; hikes/walks, garden tours, art workshops and more! It is the 33rd year that the festival is held. July 5tht o the 14th trails open for an unbelievable sight of wildflowers. Not only will you experience the flowers but because it is up in the West Elk mountains the view itself will be quite stunning.  

Kauai, Hawaii

The best part about Kauai, Hawaii is the McBryde Garden Biodiversity Trail. The trail offers guided and unguided tours. Endangered and rare plants are conserved here and you can even see how movies like Jurassic Park were made.  Make sure to visit their visitor information before making the trip so you have everything you need.

And the best part? Because the area is so wet all of the time, there is always something blooming.

Arizona-Sonora Desert, Arizona

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is over 90 acres of multiple attractions including; a botanical garden, natural history museum, zoo, art gallery, aquarium, and a zoo! On top of that the Museum’s mission is to help conserve the Sonoran Desert region. The Museum is also often named on the top ten zoological parks in the world. The unique thing about this Museum is that 85% of it is outside.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Every year in Chiang Mai (also known as the “rose of the north) there is a Flower Festival that is three days long. It is in February when the season is being to warm up. There are flower floats and Thai women, younger women, carry baskets around while wearing floor length gowns, and usually a band after. Much like our own parades. You can pick your own bundle of lilies.

Furano, Japan

Have you ever seen a lavender field? Furano, Japan’s mild summers make it one of the best places to grow lavender. Farm Tomita offers an unbelievable views, creating a rainbow that appears to look fake. July is the perfect time to go, they even have a lavender themed gift shop. They even have soft-serve that is lavender flavored.

Mainau Island, Germany

Mainau Island, Germany, also known as “Flower Island”. This island has over 110 acres of paths, flower beds, and sweeping lawns. There are two waves a blooming, one in late March and then the next one starting in late May. The island also offers places to eat and of course places to shop.

Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

Because Australia’s season are flopped from ours, it’s a perfect getaway during the colder months here in the states. There is an annual Tulip Time Festival.Corbett Gardens has been having the festival since 1911. It is also the center of the Spring Garden Festival, over 30,000 people visit the festival. The garden is usually free unless you are going during the Tulip Time Festival, so make sure you check so you don’t show up empty handed.

Giverny, France

Giverny, France  is known as the village where the painter Claude Monet lived for over 40 years. Giverny is home to his house as well as his garden, which reopened on March 22nd. You can even book a private tour to be guided thru Monet’s beautiful garden. Visit their website for all of your booking information.

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Britain’s Best Hidden Paradise: The Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles are a little cluster of islands off the tip of Cornwall and they are truly astonishing. There are five inhabited islands and they are like little English villages stranded out in the ocean. They’re the kinds of places where everybody knows everybody but it rarely feels claustrophobic. There is plenty of room, the opposite of crowded beaches full of colorful umbrellas and loud boomboxes.  You could hike for miles and not see another person. They boast Britain’s most beautiful white sand beaches, miles of walking trails through gorgeous forest, and best of all, though strange, its own climate. With daytime highs barely reaching 57°F and rarely dipping below 50°F at night in the fall, it’s a welcome escape from Britain’s hot, muggy weather if you’re visiting that time of year. With such a comfortable temperature, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the many shore-side restaurants and coffee shops.  Take a seat, relax, slow down to the pace of the locals, and watch the waves crash and the ships tug by while partaking in some fresh-caught fish and seafood. At Adam’s Fish & Chips, the only diner, it’s Adam himself who will catch your dinner from the ocean and then prepare it in the kitchen: pollock and lobster tails fresh from the ocean.

Though the islands aren’t easy to reach, even for the Brits, that’s part of the appeal, and the journey is an adventure in itself. From London, you take the sleeper train then transfer by bus to a nearby airport where a twice-daily helicopter and a fleet of tiny planes serve the islands. An added bonus- from the air, the islands are tantalizing.

Slow travel is the name of the game here, as even getting between the islands isn’t as simple as hopping on the next boat. Times and pick-up locations are dictated by the tides.  While the Scilly Isles might be hard to get to, it seems they’re equally hard to leave.


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