Top Places to See the Northern Lights

Want a unique vacation spot? Look no further than the Northern Lights. Once discovering this beautiful sight, you also have to find the best place to actually see them. Travel + Leisure recently published an article exploring the best places to see the Northern Lights; read the entire article here.

Northern Lights

Fairbanks, Alaska

Look no further than Fairbanks, Alaska. Chena Hot Springs Resort. This resort has everything you could ask for. Chena Hot Springs Resort even has its own viewing dome to watch the Northern Lights. Or if you prefer to just sit and relax with a fishing pole, the resort has its own Ice Fishing Tour. But probably the best part is the Chena Kennel that offers dog sled and dog cart rides year-round, depending on the weather of course.

The Northern Lights are seen between the hours of 11:30 pm and 3:30 am. The resort offers guests the service of being woken up by a phone call or a knock on their door when the Lights begin to appear.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Stay within the states and see the lights from Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania. Hidden away from larger cities around them, this park is a Gold Level International Dark Sky Park. This means the park is a great place to view the Lights and even if you do not get to see them, the stars will be more than visible.

Churchill, Canada

Churchill is often known for the polar bears that roam the area. The Northern Lights can be seen here more than 300 nights out of the year. There is the option to book a vacation that is centered around learning at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. If for some reason you miss the lights, the polar bears will totally make up for it.

Yukon, Canada

Visit the Northern Lights Resort and Spa in Whitehorse to receive the perfect pampering before viewing the green and yellow lights in the sky. Yukon also offers its guest the unique experience to learn about the folklore and science that make up the colors of the lights in Watson Lake ate the Northern Lights Centre. The lights only come around Yukon territory during the months of August to about the middle of April.


Iceland’s viewing season are the months of August through the first few days of May. Located In southern Iceland, the Hotel Rangá is the place to go. The Hotel offers many activities dedicated for the cold weather. Anything you could think of; prefer animals? Check out the dog sledding and whale-watching. Or take the water route and try the freshwater fishing and the glacier tours. The best part? The Hotel has a webcam that has a live stream of the Northern Lights, so you can check it out even before deciding to take the trip.


Mirrie Dancers, that’s what the Scots call the Northern Lights. Start your stay off by checking in as a restored Shetland lighthouse, Sumburgh Head. Sumburgh Head offers its guest a view of a puffin nesting area. During your stay make sure to visit the Callanish Standing Stones, which is a man-made structure that is thought to be built around 5,000 years ago.


What better way to see the lights than in a glass igloo? Kakslauttanen Resort offers its guest this once in a lifetime opportunity. Finland has a view of the Northern Lights about 200 nights out of the year. These are not the only accommodations in Finland; find one that fits your needs.


Interested in taking a trip that offers more than just the Northern Lights? Sweden is the place to be. Stay in the famous Icehotel. This structure, made out of ice, is rebuilt every year. The hotel offers many different options for its guest. Do you enjoy sleeping cold? Check out the cold room suites at the hotel or if you prefer warmer temperature they have warmer options.

Ever thought about taming a reindeer and searching for the Northern Lights? Try out the Lip Lip experience.  Photography tours are perfect for those who also want to capture the lights also while exploring them.


Greenland offers what some would say, the best visibility of the lights in some places due to the low amount of light pollution in the area. The best time to go would  be between the months of September to the first couple of weeks in April.

Still want to experience an igloo? Hotel Arctic offers them. There is even an old U.S. military base, Kangerlussuaq, that is available to tour.

Tromsø, Norway

This area is known for having the most probability for seeing the lights. “The Gateway to the Arctic” is a go-to name for the city. Visitors have the unlimited options of tours available. The amazing views surround the city. Interested in trying reindeer stew? Check out Emma’s Restaurant for authentic, unique food options.

Svalbard, Norway

Norway does not disappoint with options for places to go to view the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a string of islands located in in the Arctic. Starting in mid-November and February, Svalbard experiences perpetual darkness which means even during the day the islands experience darkness. This means double the amount of times you can see the Northern Lights!

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