Where to Stay in Charmingly Rustic North Carolina

When the autumn season is upon us, many people tend to flock to the East Coast, particularly to the Highlands-Cashiers region of North Carolina. These travelers are known to do this to experience the breathtaking fall foliage and cascading waterfalls of the region. So, if you’re also looking to partake in these unforgettable fall treasures, then this article from Travel + Leisure will help you find the perfectly charming luxury hotels to rest in after a long day in North Carolina.

North Carolina tourism often cites the city of Asheville as the most popular and most-visited spot in the state, but the Highlands-Cashiers plateau is the region’s hidden gem that’s home to comfort, beauty, and spectacle. This region is generally compared to the East Coast’s equivalent to Aspen, Colorado. This is mostly because it’s the perfect location in Appalachia for those wishing to partake in the outdoors activity or the quaint, cultured outing. Though your cell reception and internet service may dip in and out because of the elevation, you’ll always be around something exciting and inviting, so take a look at the following accommodations for the next time your need to book a trip to North Carolina’s highlands-cashiers plateau, where your can unwind, unplug, and relax.

High Hampton

This is a masterful, recently-renovated lodge that is utterly perfect for those large reunions, get-togethers, and/or family gatherings. Located just two miles away from the town center of Cashiers, North Carolina, this massive woodland lodge is perfectly situated near the Nantahala National Forest, and it’s quite honestly the perfect resort for your next big trip. While large and spacious, High Hampton is often heralded by reviewers for how it retains an atmosphere of coziness despite the ample space found inside. The welcoming resort makes it the ideal ”home base” for a variety of outdoor excursions that you make scheduled such as swimming, boating, golfing, and so much more. Stop by after a hearty day of outdoor adventure with a meal around the grand, main dining room that holds an atmosphere, not unlike a year-round, charming Thanksgiving dinner.

The design team behind the award-winning Blackberry Farm are the ones responsible for High House’s 2020 renovation. They were successful in not only bringing new, rustic life into the hallowed halls and suites of the resort lodge, but they also took genuine care to properly maintain and secure the property’s storied past. Book a stay in this literal autumnal lodge straight out of a storybook and allow yourself to take part in a long-standing tradition of travelers wanting to escape in style. In fact, you can read about the previous guests’ stays by perusing their hand-written accounts in the cataloged ledgers found lining the literal walls of the main inn in the form of storytelling wallpaper. This location is truly magical and must be seen to be believed.

Highlander Mountain House

If your traveling party is lighter than that of the above residence, then take a look at this boutique hotel located in Highlands, North Carolina, just in the past two years. Opening up as recently as 2019, the Highlander Mountain House, or HMH, is a perfect pairing of Appalachian comfort and accommodations akin to the English countryside. Quaint, charming, and warm are adjectives that attempt to accurately describe the sensation that you’ll breathe in once you’re rocking along in the porch’s Adirondack chair while enjoying a dawn-laden cup of chicory coffee. This hotel is truly a welcomed salve to your mental health as it’s slow-paced as any proper trip in the Carolinas should be. The majestic view of the Western North Carolina Mountains that are viewable from the porch and rooms of the property’s Mountain House and Bunk House are just the confirmation you’ll need to know that you made the right choice. You’ll find five district room types that each offer a different vibe or atmosphere to your stay, but it’s the conversations that you’ll find yourself partaking in once setting foot in the communal commons area that will stay with you long after you pack your bags.

Other suggested stays in the area include: the Southern-inspired Skyline Lodge, gorgeous Half Mile Farm, and the relaxing Old Edwards Inn & Spa.

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