May 21, 2019

The Louisiana Oyster Trail

The Louisiana Oyster Trail

The Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association posted an article talking about theLouisiana Oyster Trail. Oysters offer a lot more than most of us originally think. Not only do they offer health benefits for the environment but they also offer health benefits for humans. Oysters are high in omega 3 fatty acids, iron, protein, and other minerals and vitamins. They are low in cholesterol, fat and calories. They can even help improve energy levels and immune function. Plus, increase bone strength, tissue repair, and even help reduce blood pressure. All of this power in a little shell; and let’s not forget about the pearl making part. Oysters are one of the most versatile dishes out there and Louisiana is ready to show it’s visitors the options.

The valves alone in the oysters could cleanse the entire ecosystem; over 50 gallons of water can be filtered by them. And the place to find the best oysters around? Right here in Louisiana, named the number one producer to be exact. It is said that the Gulf of Mexico produces some of the best oysters in the world. Due to the Mississippi River flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, it lowers the salt content in the water. This actually changes the texture and taste of the oyster. This low salt content also makes the oysters have a creamy like taste and even their size is larger.

In 2012, the Louisiana Oyster Trail was created so everyone, even the locals, could experience the Louisiana oyster. Starting in Jefferson Parish and the surrounding areas, going as far as the Gulf of Mexico, this trail offers an unlimited amount of oysters cooked different ways. As of right now there are 22 restaurants who are involved with the trail. The oysters are served in multiple different ways. The classic half shell raw oysters, or try them grilled. You can also get them in a chowder, pickled, fried, deviled, creamed, and even pan roasted. This Trail gives it’s guest the most diverse oyster experience.

What about half fried shrimp and half fried oysters? Try the  Acme Oyster House’s Peace Maker. They offer raw and chargrilled oysters, meaning there is something for everyone. Or what about an oyster sandwich? Cafe 615 Home of Da Wabbit not only has an oyster sandwich but they also have a dish called Brochette Oysters. This consists of fried oysters that are wrapped in bacon and they are served with their remoulade sauce, that is house made.

The Boulevard American Bistro serves what is known as their Boulevard Oysters. Crystal aioli and creamed spinach on top of crispy oysters. Looking for larger portions? Check out Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant, also famous for their Creole dressing. Deanie’s has even won the Certificate of Excellence six years in a year on Tripadvisor. Want something a little more classy? The Restaurant des Families is a creole cottage. Try one of their Louisiana oyster platters.

The oyster trail is the ultimate way to fully experience the oysters Louisiana has to offer, while also exploring Louisiana’s culinary history.

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