January 3, 2020

The Best Tours to Take in Louisiana Food

The Best Tours to Take in Louisiana Food

We all know by now that Louisiana food and cuisine is some of the best and most authentic in the South. Backed by several generations-old recipes, it’s hard to go wrong when dining in Louisiana.

One of the best ways to get a true taste of Louisiana and everything they have to offer is through food tours. Thanks to Louisiana Travel, here is an extensive list of the best food tours you can take all throughout Louisiana.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Also known as the “Tastiest Town in the South” according to Southern Living, Lafayette is the unofficial capital of Louisiana’s Cajun heartland.

With everything from local mom and pop shops to high-end dining and everything in between, you’ll never run out of options – which can also be a bad thing. Being overwhelmed with choices and having a limited amount of time to try them all can be frustrating.

Enter: Cajun Food Tours

On this deliciously exciting tour, company founder Marie Ducote-Comeaux will take you on an approximately three-hour tour of at least five locally-owned restaurants. You can choose from four different tour options: the Original Cajun Food Tour, the Breaux Bridge Food Tour, the All-Day Cajun Experience, or the Around the World in Acadiana Taste Tour.

On the tour, you’ll hear stories about the history and culture inhibiting Acadiana (which is another name for Cajun Country) while eating a variety of Louisiana specialties like gumbo, étouffée, cracklins, and boudin.

Baton Rouge

The actual capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is known for its eclectic characters, rich history, and amazing Cajun cooking.

Baton Rouge Food Tours invites you to the opportunity to try all of the sweet, savory, and unique flavors they have to offer. A two and a half hour C’est Si Bon walking taste tour takes you through a stroll of downtown Baton Rouge and to at least five restaurants for sampling true Cajun cooking, where you’ll also learn about history, music, art, and so much more.

Avery Island

Avery Island is infamous for being the origin of the famous pepper sauce known as TABASCO. To learn more about the story of TABASCO and the McIlhenny family, click here.

Naturally, the best food tour in Avery Island is the TABASCO Food Tour. Not only will you learn about the company, but you’ll also have the chance to taste dishes that pair perfectly with the sauce. You’ll visit an array of restaurants, like Bon Creole Seafoodand R&M’s Boiling Point.

New Orleans

The best-known hotspot for tourists in Louisiana, leave it up to the perfect guide to enchant you on the fascinating history of New Orleans’ famous ghosts and even more famous (and delicious) cuisines.

Here, you have your choice from three top-rated food tours; Destination Kitchen, Tastebud Tours, and New Orleans Culinary History Tours.

Destination Kitchen’s expert guides will take you on tasting tours of the French Quarter, the Garden District, and Uptown.

Tastebud Tours will guide you to the best known French Quarter restaurants and have five themed tours ranging from fresh seafood, sunset tours, and even a haunted restaurant tour.

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