Five Outdoor Adventures to have in Louisiana

It’s no secret that Louisiana has a long and unique history that dates back to pre-America. Louisianans are known worldwide for their diversity, their love for their heritage, being home of Cajun culture, the birthplace of Creole food and jazz, and a state that knows how to celebrate. However, food isn’t the only thing Louisiana has to offer. With year-round warm weather and beautiful landscaping, Louisiana provides ample opportunity for outdoor adventures. You can find outdoor experiences anywhere – like New Orleans, in the Louisiana backwoods, or on the Gulf.

Here are just a few outdoor adventures to make sure you add to your Louisiana bucket list:

Paddling and Kayaking

More than 15% of Louisiana is covered with water – you have the Gulf Coast, swamps, bayous, marshes, and rivers. A great way to really dive into Louisiana’s aquatic ecosystems is through kayak, paddleboat, or canoe. In north Louisiana, you can glide along forests filler with hardwoods, cypress, and tupelo. To the south, there are more than seven water routes that snake through over 170,000 acres of protected wildlife. For a more urban experience, head to New Orleans and paddle in the waters of City Park or the Bayou of St. John.


Love to golf? The Audubon Golf Trailhas 16 beautifully landscaped golf courses throughout Louisiana, including:

The Wetlands in Lafayette

Audubon Park in Uptown New Orleans

Santa Maria Golf Coursein Baton Rouge

Island Country Clubnear Plaquemine

Even better news? Regardless of the time of year you’re traveling to Louisiana, the year-round weather means you can golf almost any day of the year!


Although Louisiana is known for its wetlands and marshes, there are a variety of hiking trails for people who prefer to take in the sights by foot. Just a few minutes outside New Orleans are the Barataria Preserve trails in Jean Lafitte National Park, where you’ll find wooden platforms that keep you away from the alligators. Or you can head to North Louisiana to Driskill Mountain, a 1.9 mile trail through the forest. This trail will take you to the highest point of Louisiana, 535 feet above sea level. Near the Mississippi border is the Tunica Hills State Wildlife Management Area, where you can experience wildlife, waterfalls, and rugged terrain.

Swamp Tours

Ready to get a closer look at what’s living in the swamps? You can take a boat ride through Louisiana swamps to get a closeup of the state’s plants, wildlife, and swamp creatures like owls, turtles, alligators, and swimming pigs. Most tour guides will include Cajun food and local music for a more authentic experience. If you’re lucky, you might end up in true Cajun country that’s only accessible by boat.


Beaches in Louisiana? There sure are! Get your relax on by heading to Mandeville, a drive that will take you over one of the longest over-water bridges in the world, and layout on the white-sand beaches of Fontainebleau State Park. About two hours south of New Orleans is the barrier island of Grand Isle, where you’ll find ten miles of coastline and sandy beaches bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

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Louisiana Summer Musts

A Louisiana Summer is filled with endless amounts of activities. However, the overwhelming lists of things to do can take the fun out of choosing. We are here to provide two Louisiana experiences that are a must to check out this summer. Fighting the heat can be a hard thing, especially here in the south, but thankfully Louisiana is right on the water. Giving us many opportunities to take advantage of our state’s location.

Tiki Tubing

A Louisiana summer can’t go by without a trip down the river.  Located 6 miles north of Denham Springs, Tiki Tubing is a great way to cool down in the heat. Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the end of summer, guest pay $25 (plus tax) and receive a tube, parking, and transportation upriver. No pets, styrofoam, or glass allowed. However, you are allowed to bring your own ice chest. So need to worry about buying expensive water in the gift shop. There are ice chest floats available for $10 and there are also ice chest available to rent for $9. Opening at 8am and not closing until 3pm, visitors get the whole day to float down the river.

There is a release form that must be signed before being allowed to float, print it out and fill it out beforehand to speed up the waiting process. This link includes all of the prices for tubes. Do not bring your own tube or boat, they will provide it for you.

(225) 223-1156                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tiki Tubing, LLC                                                                                                                32625 Hwy 1019                                                                                                          Denham Springs, LA 70706

Seaplane Tours

Louisiana is famous for their swamp tours, but what about something higher in the air? Another Louisiana Summer option to try is a seaplane tour.  Seaplane tours are the best way to see Louisiana from a different perspective. Southern Seaplane, Inc. offers three specific Seaplane tours, but they also offer their guest the option to build a custom tour.

The New Orleans Bayou Tour

This tour offers a view of New Orleans that many don’t get to see. Flying over the Superdome and French Quarter, experience all the views New Orleans really has to offer. Not only are you able to see the city, the tour also offers a view of the beautiful, green swamps that surround New Orleans.

Save Our Coast Tour

Not only will you get to see the eroding coast of Louisiana, this tour includes a education. The story of what the coast use to be. This tour will not only explain and show, but they also educate people on the efforts that are being taken to preserve the coast.

Cajun Heritage Tour

Want a little bit of air and water? This is the perfect combination. This three hour tour has an hour flight tour with an authentic swamp tour through Kraema, Louisiana. You get an overhead shot of Louisiana and then jump into a boat to experience Louisiana swamps up close.

Southern Seaplane, Inc. also offers guided fishing charters. You can fish the Louisiana barrier islands. Just a short 45 minute trip will lead you to a five hour fishing trip. Click herefor more information.

(504) 394-5633                                                                                                                                                                               Southern Seaplane, Inc.                                                                                                       #1 Coquille Dr.                                                                                                                   Belle Chasse, La 70037

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Louisiana and Its Hidden Surprises

Louisiana is full of adventure. It is, after all, Sportsman’s Paradise. We have everything from fishing and hunting to festivals and great food. There is never a dull moment in this beautiful state. You just have to know where to look. Movoto Blog recently posted 27 Crazy Things You Never Knew Existed In Louisiana. Here are three of those 27 with more information to plan you next trip around Louisiana.

The Abita Mystery House, it is also known as the UCM Museum. This museum is less than an hour away from New Orleans, in Abita Springs, Louisiana. It is a roadside attraction, created by the Louisiana artist John Preble, consisting of different exhibits he put together himself. Click here for an entire list.

The Museum is made up of over 50,000 objects that were found and recycled. The worlds Preble created are what any visitor visiting Louisiana wants to see, a haunted Southern plantation, a jazz funeral, and even a rhythm and blues dance hall. There is a general store and even a comb collection. The Museum is located in the historic district of Abita Springs.  The best part is that admission is only $3.

Avery Island, Louisiana not only offers the amazing opportunity to explore the factory that makes the famous McIlhenny Family Tabasco, but it also offers the beautiful Jungle Gardens. This outside attraction has a little something for everyone. The garden offers a variety of different attractions.  A large Buddha statue, is one of the main areas that visitors visit. The statue itself was found in a Manhattan warehouse and was sent by railroad in 1936 to the founder of Jungle Gardens, Mr. Ned. A shrine was created for the statue and is visited by local Buddhists who often use the area for a place of worship.

Another attraction within the Jungle Gardens is an area known as “Bird City”.  In the 1890s the egret population was beginning to fall due to plume hunters killing them to sell for their feathers. Mr. Ned raised and released 8 birds and 6 returned with their mates. Creating their nest, this was the beginning of Bird City. It was estimated that one hundred thousand birds were nesting in 1911. Imagine the amount now.

Jungle Gardens does not only host an array of birds; several different species of wildlife also wander the grounds. This area is perfect for bird watching, and Avery Island Jungle Gardens offers its own Bird Tour. You might even get a glimpse of a deer or alligator. The grounds alone are an eye full, but who wouldn’t love to see a deer grazing the grass. Over sixty-four different types of bamboo are also planted around and in Jungle Gardens.

Have you ever heard of a MudFest? Well Louisiana has exactly that. Located in Colfax, Louisiana with over three hundred acres .  The fest is open for three days, and visitors can enjoy an entire weekend dedicated to mud riding.  You do not even need something to ride, just pull up a chair and watch. Click here for admission prices. If you aren’t a fan of big crowds, you can check it out for non-event weekends and pay a much smaller admission.

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