May 29, 2018

10 Cajun Essentials: Guide to Cajun Culture in Louisiana

10 Cajun Essentials: Guide to Cajun Culture in Louisiana

The Louisiana Cajun culture is one of a kind, that is no secret. This article, written by describes it best when they say, “The Cajun culture in Louisiana is so different from the rest of Louisiana — and the U.S. in general! Since 1755, the Cajuns have created their own cuisine, musical styles and dialect (known as Cajun French). The Acadiana area even has its own capital (Lafayette), complete with a flag honoring its Spanish, French and Catholic roots. So, get ready, once you’ve tried a bite of crawfish pie or boudin sausage, you can thank a Cajun.”

For the top 10 list of Cajun traditions, restaurants, and activates you wont want to miss out on, click here.

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