Southern Weekend Getaways

The Southern treasures of Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida have recently resurfaced as tempting travel destinations by way of Southern Living’s recommendation. Both Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood and Jacksonville’s cosmopolitan beach scene have a lot to offer the traveler that craves excitement alongside relaxation. As always, be sure to travel safely and responsibly by checking local government restrictions and CDC guidelines.

The Midtown Neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia

Midtown Atlanta is practically a new city altogether thanks to its burgeoning neighborhood with its inclusive array for hearty, stylish shops, museums, and restaurants to peruse. Everything about this locale invites you to indulge in this Georgia Peach just as you would the Big Apple.

This setting is absolutely perfect for anyone who self-identifies as a style-setter wanting a big-city southern weekend getaway. If that describes you, then begin your sojourn with the heart and height of Atlanta’s art scene, the High Museum of Art, or take in the experienced sights of the new-to-the-neighborhood Museum of Design Atlanta and its celebration of item design that includes items from handbags to graffitied skateboards.

Reinvigorate your style by shopping at Billy Reed’s new outpost in the Westside Provisions District, which emcompassess a collection of boutiques that are housed in a former meatpacking plant.

If you’re hungry, definitely expect to order oysters on the half shell from chef Ford Fry’s latest seafood venture, The Optimist. Alternatively, taste southern decadence with a supper consisting of pork belly with sweet tea-jus at the lavish restaurant, The Lawrence. Then, top it all off with an unforgettable chocolate-chip cookie dough cheesecake from Café Intermezzo.

Take advantage of all that Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood has to offer today by booking a stay in one of the comfortable rooms of The Artmore Hotel, which is nestled inside a classic, 1920’s building, rivaling the many chains of Atlanta.

 The Beachtown of Jacksonville, Florida

Located further down south, this cosmopolitan beach scene favors relaxation to luxury, but it avoids the tacky entirely, if done right. The key is sticking to the water, and in Jacksonville it’s simply everywhere. The city itself is perched against the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s split into two by the St. Johns River. Southern Living offers the following guide to the ideal Jacksonville Weekend stay.

Arrive on a Friday for a southern weekend getaway, unpack your bags after checking in to The Sea Turtle Inn, which is the lodging that also suits famed novelist John Grisham. The Sea Turtle is even still sparkling from its $6.5 million renovation, and its rates are affordable at an average of $109 in the off-season.

The hotel’s restaurant specializes in Floribbean cuisine, which is a combination of Caribbean spices and traditional freshly-caught fare.

On Saturday morning, an early riser can catch the unforgettable Florida sunrise and then head over to The Coffee Grinder, the cozy coffee shop located next to a local gift shop that’s full of souvenirs, standard postcards, and watercolors that you’re practically required to browse and purchase for your loved one back on the mainland.

Spend Saturday on the beach, in the sun, and around the water, but once you’re tired or looking for something different, be sure to take a walk over to a local book store like The Book Mark. Similarly, you could peruse the wares of Patina and purchase some niche home accents and furnishings that are comfortably vintage.

Depending on your energy levels, you’re free to head in for the night or explore the sights along the SS. Marine Taxi,The Jacksonville Landing, and/or The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. All in all, Jacksonville has a little something for everyone, and you’d be delighted to find your favorite corner- whatever it may be.

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