The Best Father’s Day Pork Chops

Looking for the perfect recipe to cook for Dad? This pork chop recipe that was published on epicurious could be the perfect choice. They are so versatile and that makes them an easy go-to. Father’s Day is not the only day this great recipe can be made.  The best part? Literally almost anything can be paired perfectly with this recipe; anything from a salad to a baked potato.


  • 4 pork chops, with the bone in.   *They should be pounded to about ½” thick
  • 2 large eggs, beat them
  • The zest from half of a lemon
  • 1 cup of red wine vinegar
  • ½ cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1 ½ cups of panko (This is Japanese breadcrumbs)
  • 6 tablespoons of olive oil, they need to be divided
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh oregano, chopped up
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh thyme, chopped up
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Kosher salt


  • Large baking dish
  • Large, heavy nonstick skillet
  • 3 shallow containers.   *Large enough to fit a pork chop


The first step is to place the pork chops in the large baking dish. Take the vinegar and cover them evenly. Leave the protein to sit for an hour at room temperature; this will help ensure that the pork chops are tender.  While waiting prepare the dredging stations; this is where the pork chops will get their coating. It’s best to use nonporous, shallow containers for dredging.  Take the three shallow containers and add flour to the first one. Add eggs to the second one and add the panko, thyme, oregano, and zest to the third. Make sure to mix all of the seasonings that go in the third container.; this is what will give the pork chop that crispy outside.

Place the skillet over medium heat, adding three of the six tablespoons of olive oil. This will allow the pan to heat up while seasoning the pork. The first step to seasoning them is to, generously, sprinkle the pork chops with the freshly ground black pepper. Using a fork, dredge the pork chop in the flour first. Making sure each side is fully coated. Then move the pork chop to the egg, coating both sides. The last step is to coat the chops in the last mixture. The panko should cover the entirety of both sides of all of the pork chops.

Work in batches, cook two chops at a time. To be fully cooked, each one should be left on the heat for four minutes on each side. Once the first batch is done, wipe out the skillet with a paper towel to remove any residue. Add the last 3 tablespoons of olive oil to the skillet. Let the oil heat up a little bit but it doesn’t need too much time. Then place the last two chops in the skillet, cooking these also about four minutes on each side. Remove from the plate and serve!

What dad wouldn’t want to bite into a delicious, homemade pork chop!

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Father’s Day Recipes To Wow Dad

It is summer, which means Father’s Day is approaching. What better way to thank dad than with a delicious home cooked meal. One that can fill his belly. Julie’s Eats and Treats has one of the best collections of over 40 recipes for Father’s Day. Here are two dad filling recipes; one for the oven and one for the grill.

Father’s Day Three Meat Pizza Ring


  • ½ cup of chopped pepperoni
  • ½ cup of diced Canadian bacon
  • 1 pound of Italian Sausage
  • Two 8 ounce tubes of crescent rolls (refrigerated)
  • One 15 ounce can of pizza sauce, divided in half
  • One ½ cup of shredded pizza cheese
  • Two garlic cloves, crushed


The oven will need to preheat to 375 degrees. Take a large skillet and place it on the stove on medium heat. Cook the garlic and the sausage until the sausage is fully cooked (no more pink). Once cooked, drain the grease out of the pan. Add ½ cup of pizza sauce, Canadian Bacon, 1 cup of pizza cheese, and pepperoni into the pan. This is what will be considered the filling in the ring.

Separate the crescent roll dough into the triangles and place them on a 14 inch ungreased pizza pan. Overlapping the wide ends with the points on the outside. There should be a 4 inch opening in the middle of the pan. Press down on the overlapping part of the dough to make sure it is sealed. You don’t want any of the filling falling out of the bottom.

Take the mixture from the pan and spoon it onto the wipe part of the dough. Take the points and fold them over to make the ring. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. The cresent rolls should be golden brown. The remaining cheese can be used to sprinkle on the top. The extra pizza sauce should be served with the roll.

What dad wouldn’t feel appreciated on Father’s Day with a delicious twist on a classic favorite?

 Sriracha Chicken Bacon Ranch Skewers For Dad



Take the BBQ sauce, the bacon ranch dressing, Sriracha sauce, and chili powder and combine them together. Place the chicken strips in a resealable gallon bag, and pour the mixture in the bag. Make sure the mixture coats the chicken strips evenly. Let this sit in the refrigerator for two hours or more. This can be prepared in advance which will make it easier to just throw on the grill.

After the two hours, or when you are ready to cook the chicken, remove it from the bag and put the bacon strip on the chicken, at the top. Take a metal or wooden skewer and thread it through the chicken and bacon. Grill the skewers over medium heat for about 10 to 14 minutes, make sure they are covered. Once the chicken is no longer pink and fully cooked, remove it from the grill and serve. Make sure to flip the chicken while it is grilling so it cooks evenly.

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