Cenac Towing and Son Rise Music Fest

 The Benny Cenac Towing Company was so proud to participate in the third annual Son Rise Christian Music FestThe event took place on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Lafourche Central Market Pavilion in Mathews, Louisiana. The day was full of family fun, musical praise and worship and for some that attended, life changing events.  The Son Rise Christian Music Fest was created to celebrate the common belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, bringing the various Christian faiths of the area together through the common love of music! This year’s Son Rise Christian Music Fest was brought to you by Cenac Marine Services, LLC of Houma, LA and Lift 3:16, Inc., a nonprofit based in Houma.

Benny Cenac, owner of Cenac Marine Services and local entrepreneur, knew immediately he wanted to help bring Son Rise Music Fest to the area when he heard of its mission.  He is no stranger to philanthropy and frequently gives back to his community by donating to several events and programs that help to enrich the lives of us and our neighbors. The Cenac Towing Company also participated in the event last year.  Seeing its success and the impact it had on the community made it that much more important for the Houma based entrepreneur and his team to support the Son Rise Music Fest efforts.

Throughout the day, the community was brought together with a variety of dynamic musicians from South Louisiana. The day kicked off with the Cajun Music band, L.A. Rose at 8:45am which was a great way to start the morning for many South Louisianians who love to Cajun dance! The Cajun music was followed by a Christian worship band led by Dr. Karl Haydel then the Gospel group, 3MC! Throughout the rest of the day, Christian Rock bands Like Giants and Empowered, as well as a rap group K. Levy & The Legends  rocked the stage and kept all attendees on their feet! The events of the day culminated a huge praise & worship session led by More Than Sunday  featuring a number of the musicians who played throughout the day.

The Son Rise Christian Music Fest was a free event and open to all ages. Food booths offered a variety of small meals and snacks throughout the day that were also available to guests. The craft vendors selling their goods to attendees were kept busy as many people stopped by each booth.  The Mario Kart Tournament for ages 4-12 was a huge success as the winners were awarded Chik-fil-A gift cards to 1st and 2nd place winners for each round of the tournament, with a new tournament that started every hour on the hour. It is safe to say the entire day was full of fun, happiness, joy and a HUGE success.

Mr. Benny Cenac, of Cenac Marine Services prides himself, his company, and his employees in their philanthropic and helpful volunteer endeavors and this festival was a perfect way for them to serve that purpose. Not only is the mission of Son Rise Music Festival to help bring the love of God to the community of Houma but they were also mandated as a drop off point for Hurricane relief supplies. This is a perfect example of the selfless and helpful spirits we are blessed to interact with as we look back on our experience at the third annual Son Rise Christian Music Festival.

For more information and registration forms, please visit www.SonRiseMusicFest.org. Lift 3:16 wishes to thank Benny Ceanc and Cenac Marine Services for their support and sponsorship of the event and its evangelization efforts.

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Benny Cenac Towing Co. Presents Fall Fest

Benny Cenac and Cenac Marine Services Presents Houma Downtown Fall FestBenny Cenac, Houma Philanthropist, recently donated to the first annual Downtown Houma Fall Fest.  Downtown Houma was able to successfully host its First Annual Fall Festival over the weekend.  Presented by Cenac Marine Services and filled with a variety of local bands, the fall festival was a huge hit throughout the town.  Cenac Marine Services owner and philanthropist Arlen Benny Cenac, Jr. jumped at the opportunity to help support this event as he is always an avid proponent of arts, music, and community and believes the incorporation of arts in a community significantly increases the strength of the community.

The vision that the creators of Fall Fest had in mind was brought to life as they received support from local companies, vendors and the very talented native music community.  As stated on Downtown Fall Fest’s website, “Downtown Fall Fest, in its infancy, was an idea forged from the minds of local musicians, yearning to rebuild a local music scene that has largely been dormant the past few years. The idea gained traction quickly and began to grow as more individuals gave their input. Within days, a simple comment grew into an idea, then a concept revolving around building support for local musicians, while also giving back to the community.”  All proceeds from the Downtown Fall Festival will benefit local music programs for the purchase and repair of musical instruments.

Music has been shown to significantly increase the strength of a community since prehistoric times.  Music was one of the earliest forms of communication so it was not only inseparable from early communities, but was absolutely integral to positive community relationships. In fact it’s now been proven that early cultures with a strong musical tradition thrived whereas cultures without a musical tradition struggled to survive.  One reason for this is because music evokes strong emotions and since music coordinates their emotions, it helps important messages to be communicated and motivates individuals to identify with and to support other members within their community. Recent research has shown that when an individual feels positive, relaxed and confident they are much more able to integrate with other members of their community which increases their capacity for social integration. This in turn strengthens the community as a whole because when all the members of a community are fully integrated each individual is able to contribute a diverse and unique set of skills and talents to that community.

There are two major benefits of incorporating music into the community- it improves the social development of the individual by increasing their feelings of well being and connectedness, and it also increases that individual’s ability to then integrate within their community which results in a stronger community for all of its members.

Residents, along with Mr. Benny Cenac, are hopeful that more affordable arts events will be brought to the area.  There was free admission to all stages of the festival except for the Brick House Stage which was only $5.  Local residents were able to enjoy their favorite local bands including Sheauxdown, Southern Cross, Category 6, and much more. The festival also includes a jambalaya cook off, BBQ cook off, craft booths, and more.

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