10 Cajun Essentials: Guide to Cajun Culture in Louisiana

The Louisiana Cajun culture is one of a kind, that is no secret. This article, written by Louisianatravel.com describes it best when they say, “The Cajun culture in Louisiana is so different from the rest of Louisiana — and the U.S. in general! Since 1755, the Cajuns have created their own cuisine, musical styles and dialect (known as Cajun French). The Acadiana area even has its own capital (Lafayette), complete with a flag honoring its Spanish, French and Catholic roots. So, get ready, once you’ve tried a bite of crawfish pie or boudin sausage, you can thank a Cajun.”

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House Education Committee Passes Louisiana Recess Bill

In April 2018, “the House Education Committee passed a proposal that would require public schools provide a 30-minute recess break to students. Currently schools must have 30 minutes of physical activity, which is covered in many districts by PE class” according to an article released by local news station wwl.com.

Houma Representative and sponsor, Beryl Amedee says recess is crucial to a child’s educational development. “Brain scans have shown that kids learn better after a break from physical activity and unstructured play,” Amedee said.

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“The Pies at this Historic Restaurant in Louisiana Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away”

Onlyinyourstate.com recently featured a Louisiana hidden gem in one of their articles: Lea’s Lunchroom. Lea’s is a delicious restaurant tucked away in Lecompte, LA which is located in Rapides Parish, makes some of the best homemade pies you will ever taste in your life! As stated in the article, “this historic place has been around for 90 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

The pies are what everyone flocks to this place for, and even Johnny Carson himself even found himself a fan of the pies. So next time your sweet tooth kicks in, consider heading over to Lea’s Lunchroom for a slice – you won’t regret it.”

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Browned Butter Honey Garlic Salmon

Browned butter honey garlic salmon is the perfect fish recipe to cook if you are looking for something to stay out of the heat and enjoy straight from your oven. This recipe, which comes from cafedelites.com, is ideal for those who love a good seafood meal a few times a week but are looking for a different taste and ready to switch it up.

  • 4 tablespoons reduced fat butter (or Ghee)
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice (or juice of half a lemon)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 Salmon Fillets
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon wedges (to serve)
How to Make:
  • The first step is to have all of your ingredients together and ready for you when you start cooking. This recipe moves fast.
  • Adjust your oven shelf at least 8-inches away from the heat element in your oven to prevent burning.
  • When browning butter, the heat needs to be on medium-high. After your butter melts, watch it continuously while it bubbles up, then foams and starts to give off a nutty aroma. At this point, stir it occasionally and swirl the pan carefully until the foam subsides. You’ll be left with a dark golden hue and some charred bits on the bottom of your pan. From here you need to act quick.
  • Allow the honey to melt completely though the browned butter before adding garlic.
  • When adding lemon juice, be careful of the butter splattering.
  • Add the salmon with the top facing up (skin-side down) and baste it while it cooks in the skillet.
  • Before broiling, you can add lemon wedges around your salmon if you like your sauces to take on more of a citrus flavour OR leave them out for a milder taste.
  • While broiling, keep an eye on the salmon as it can easily go from slightly charred to burnt very quickly. Put your timer on for 3 minutes and keep watching from there.

A Tale of Two Basins: Why One is Thriving and the Other is Dying

MississippiRiverDelta.Org has recently released this article which discuss the Terrebone Basin which is disappearing at a rapid pace and the Atchafalaya Basin.

The article states, “The key to successful, ongoing land-building in the Atchafalaya Basin is the steady flow of sediment and fresh water the area receives from the Atchafalaya River and the Wax Lake Outlet. In contrast, there is little fresh water and almost no sediment input to most of the Terrebonne Basin, contributing to continued and severe land loss.” For more information on this entire article, please click here.

5 Tips for a Luxury Trip to Los Angeles

The New York Times is always giving away travel tips and ideas on how to travel on a budget. This article isn’t any different. If you are planning a trip to L.A. this article is a must read so you can save some money here and there on that trip.

Take a look at what The New York Times has to offer when it comes to traveling on a budget.