April 27, 2023

Sixth Give-N-Day helps Nicholls Foundation Reach the 1 Million Dollar Mark

Sixth Give-N-Day helps Nicholls Foundation Reach the 1 Million Dollar Mark

The Nicholls Foundation’s sixth Give-N-Day has reportedly raised over $1 million for the University’s departments and student organizations, according to this new release from Nicholls State University. After it was all said and done, Nicholls’ 2023 Give-N-Day received the most donors, donations, and funds raised ever in the six years of the event.

Jeremy Becker, Nicholls Foundation Executive, said, “Give-N-Day is an exciting and rewarding event for the foundation and especially the university. It is special to see the University come together with this effort and to have the Nicholls community support so many specific areas on campus. The Give-N-Day team is already planning to make this an even more impactful event in the future.”

The sixth Give-N-Day, in total, raised over $265,000 with 1,587 donors and 2,188 donations. These donations will benefit 130 Nicholls organizations, all of which will receive at least one gift, which is the most ever. Out of the donors, over 25% identified as being Nicholls alumni, and 17% of all donors gave to more than one organization with gifts coming from 39 states and 11 countries, which also broke a record for the monumental event.

Give-N-Day was initially organized in 2018 as a way for the student organizations, academic programs, and athletics of Nicholls State University to raise money in a way that they couldn’t before. Give-N-Day was created as an opportunity for donors to directly benefit a specific organization, department, or athletic team of their choosing. Donations could be listed as little as $10 or as much as the donor wishes to give to one organization or to be spread across as many organizations as possible. Every cent of the donation goes directly to the donor’s organization(s) of choice.

This year, for the sixth 2023 Give-N-Day, Maritime Management received the largest amount of donations by raising $44,615. Other programs that received remarkable financial support were: CROWN with $8,770, Colonel Athletic Association Track & Field/Cross Country with $9,886, Accounting Program with $13,795, Colonel ESports with $14,005, Bridge to Independence with $17,440, and Colonel Athletic Association Soccer with $36,026.

In terms of which programs, organizations, or departments had received the most individual donations, Colonel Athletic Association Soccer reportedly received the most with 305 individual donations total. Other programs that had received a significant number of individual donations were: Colonel Athletic Association Track & Field/Cross Countrywith 56, Accounting Program with 59, Bridge to Independence with 60, Colonel Esports with 64, CROWN with 76, and Sigma Sigma Sigma with 105.

The President of the Nicholls Foundation, Chris H. Riviere says the following in his message to donors, “when making a contribution to Nicholls, the first thing that often comes to mind for many people is scholarships.  For those who attended college, we all remember our own financial struggles and we can understand the importance of ensuring that today’s students can afford to earn degrees, live in residence halls, become active in campus organizations or even travel abroad.  And now, with the yearly uncertainty surrounding TOPS and higher education funding, the need for scholarship dollars has grown even more important. While scholarships are certainly the bread and butter of the Nicholls Foundation, they are far from the only option to make a lasting impact on the lives of current and future Colonels. […]

Additionally, the Nicholls Foundation currently funds 63 faculty professorships along with two endowed chairs.  By providing the financial resources for Nicholls to recruit and retain its best faculty and fund faculty research and professional development opportunities, the Foundation’s supporters are helping to improve the academic experience for hundreds, if not thousands, of students.”

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