August 5, 2020

One Dish Dinner Recipes

One Dish Dinner Recipes

Even the most decorated chef can be discouraged after a decadent meal by the sheer mass of dirty dishes to be washed following the final bite. That’s why the following list of one dish dinners, as presented by Martha Stewart, is perfect for those wanting to minimize their kitchen mess and maximize their palette’s enjoyment.

Roasted Salmon, Red Cabbage, and New Potatoes-One dish dinner

Be the hero of your household with this healthy, hearty, and heralded recipe. The cabbage and potatoes go into the oven first in this sheet-pan supper. A meaty salmon fillet flavored with mustard, horseradish, and lemon zest is then roasted atop the vegetables.

Butternut Squash Baked Risotto

This one dish dinner vegetarian meal is a rich, satisfying supper that gives you the creaminess of risotto without the hovering. Butternut squash and kale cook along with short-grain Arborio rice, making this risotto extra hearty and sweet. After sautéing for a few minutes on the stove, this dish goes into the oven—unlike most risottos, there’s no need to stand and stir!

Three-Cheese Skillet Lasagna

A simple garlicky tomato sauce and 3 Italian cheeses make this super-quick version of lasagna especially delicious and an easy one dish dinner. Canned plum tomatoes and fresh garlic make an easy, flavorful marinara sauce. Baking the lasagna in the same skillet used to simmer the tomato sauce makes this pasta dish extra quick to whip up.

Pressure-Cooker Chile Verde

As the days and nights turn cooler, dial up the heat with our easy pressure-cooker one dish dinner, chile verde. Simply sauté an onion and brown a pork shoulder, then stoke the stew with green chiles and store-bought salsa. Invite some friends over, and you’re ready to party. No pressure cooker? No problem—here’s a one-pot version for the stovetop, too.

One-Pot Seafood Orzo Risotto

Easy and delicious as well as a real stunner, this winner dinner comes together in less than an hour. It’s a paella-like pasta dish that cooks on the stovetop, then your choice of seafood is added and the dish goes under the broiler until it’s cooked through. The secret to the perfectly cooked seafood in this paella-like pasta dish?

Korean Beef Chuck Roast

Savory and utterly delectable, this one dish dinner will have you praised in the kitchen and dinner table. Season the beef with salt and pepper the evening before and refrigerate covered for the best flavor throughout this Korean Beef Chuck Roast. You can also shred the slow-cooked meat to make delicious Korean Beef Tacos.

Broiled Spicy Peanut Chicken

Just because a recipe is simple, doesn’t make it any less appetizing or memorable. Delicious one dish dinner surprise: Boneless chicken thighs and broccolini, both coated in a chili-spiked peanut sauce, emerge caramelized after broiling for just 10 minutes.

Chow Mein

This Chinese-American restaurant staple pairs crispy fried noodles with chicken and vegetables stir-fried in a thick brown sauce. This family-friendly one dish dinner couldn’t be easier to make.

One-Pan Pasta

Cheesy, rich, and flavorful, this tasty one dish pasta dinner couldn’t be easier to make—all of your ingredients cook in one large-sided skillet.

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