April 21, 2022

Delicious Crawfish Cream Sauce to Heighten Any Dish

Delicious Crawfish Cream Sauce to Heighten Any Dish

Especially in the south, it’s always a great idea to have one tangy, creamy, and seafood-based dip recipe in your back pocket, and with this outstanding recipe from Cristy Irene for Crawfish Cream Sauce, you’re always supplied with a delicious addition to any dish.

The culinary beauty of this classically cajun crawfish cream sauce is that it’s made with authentically fresh or thawed crawfish tails, delicious cream, melted butter, and the cajun combination of sautéed onion, garlic, and bell pepper. The key to knocking this recipe out of the park is to have all of your cooking utensils and ingredients on hard, in place, or“mise-en-place,” throughout the process. This is true of many cajun, creole, or seafood recipes, but it’s especially important for this crawfish cream sauce, which comes to fruition in only a matter of minutes. Be diligent and proactive in your cooking processes, as you will not want to add butter to the pan if you haven’t chopped all of your ingredients yet. For the best results, have everything chopped ahead of time and “at the ready” near the stovetop you’ll be cooking on.

This sauce is perfect for many different seafood-based dishes, such as blackened or fried catfish, especially in the Lenten season. Consider making this crawfish cream sauce alongside your next Friday afternoon fish dinner. For instance, if you blackened catfish filets in a skillet ahead of time, the remnants that are left in the pan afterward will add outrageously decadent flavor to the sautéing of the vegetables. Speaking of the vegetables, when you’re busy chopping them ahead of time, you’ll want to chop or mince the onion and bell peppers in a comparatively smaller size than the crawfish. The recipe’s author suggests that they were in big chunks that, while still distinguishable, don’t detract from the crawfish themselves.

Ingredients for Crawfish Cream Sauce:

Directions for Crawfish Cream Sauce:

  1. You’ll begin this recipe by heating your pan over medium heat and melting your butter in it.
  2. After the butter melts, add in your crushed garlic cloves, chopped onion pieces, and chopped trinity of bell peppers. Sauté these ingredients until your onions are translucent and fragrant. This will take approximately four to five minutes.
  3. Next, pour your two cups of half & half into the pan, and stir the sautéed ingredients into the creme until the creme mixture has thickened.
  4. After the half and half thickens, add in your freshly squeezed lemon juice, crawfish tails, and stir everything together until it’s well combined. You’ll want to gently porn your lemon juice over the crawfish tails in order to coat the tails in the tangy flavor. By adding the lemon juice to the cream sauce, you’re adding a nice and light balance to the heaviness of the cream. This adds a flavor and perks up the overall taste of the cream.
  5. Cook the skillet’s contents for an additional 2 minutes, and then remove this skillet from the heat.
  6. Serve & enjoy your meal!


This crawfish cream sauce recipe pairs extremely nicely with either fried or blackened fish, especially catfish, but it’s also a good addition to any meal consisting of a seafood entree and vegetable side dish, such as asparagus. If you find yourself preparing this dip on a whim, consider serving it alongside a rice, pasta, or other grain-reliant dish. Alternatively, it’s great with grits or biscuits, as the creamy flavor is complementary to many types of food.

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