November 9, 2017

Could Private Money be the Answer to Saving Louisiana Coast?

Could Private Money be the Answer to Saving Louisiana Coast?


The American Wetland Foundation, a Wetlands advocacy group, has recently stated the need and importance of private funds to save the Louisiana Coast.  The state recently learned that it will receive less than half the $175 million it had expected in federal offshore oil money next year. Louisiana officials are required by law to use money from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, referred to as GOMESA, for coastal restoration, with about 10 percent dedicated to roads and other coastal infrastructure – as stated in a recent article in the Houma times that you can find here.

If you are a company or a nonprofit organization that is planning a restoration project or would want to add a project to the registry – you can call the American Wetland Foundation in Baton Rouge at 504-293-2610.

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