September 15, 2022

What to do the Next Time You’re in Collierville, Tennessee

What to do the Next Time You’re in Collierville, Tennessee

Standing tall as a Memphis suburb, the town of Collierville, Tennessee is a destination that’s known for its thriving downtown scene, charming atmosphere, and friendly citizens, making it perfect for you to check out the next time you’re in Tennessee and looking for a city that’s at a slightly slower pace than Nashville or Chattanooga. Luckily, this travel guide from Southern Living is the perfect resource for you to find the best spots in Collierville to visit with your family or friends such as the charming Town Square, the many memorable restaurants and shops along Collierville’s Main Street, or the several green spaces throughout the city where you can enjoy nature while taking a break from exploring Collierville’s countless, beautiful attractions!

Collierville’s Historic Town Square

While Collierville has many places to explore, there is one that stands out as the town’s center of activity: its Town Square. Recognized as 2014’s Best Main Street by Parade Magazine, Collierville’s Historic Town Square is located right in the heart of downtown and surrounded by boutiques, museums, and restaurants, making it a great place to meet up with friends or just stroll around while enjoying some local fare.

The Town Square comprises a delightful mixture of different architectural styles with a rich history,  and it hosts many events throughout the year, including festivals such as the Fair on the Square event. The area also is home to some of the best restaurants in the Greater Memphis Metro area, including Zopita’s, Raven & Lily, Cafe Piazza, Highlander Scottish Pub, Dyer’s Cafe, Gus’ Fried Chicken.

 Located near the Collierville Town Square is the Depot on Town Square, which is also known as the Collierville Depot Visitors Center. This building is impressive, as it is a restored 1940s train depot that now serves as the Collierville Tourism Office Headquarters, complete with a gift shop and café. This quaint facility provides visitors with information about local attractions and events and it’s near where many people enjoy the extensive collection of historic trains.Lastly, if you’re looking for a place for your family to cool off, then be sure to check out the two spray parks in Collierville: W. C. Johnson Park & Suggs Park. Both are located near the Town Square and Downtown areas, as well as at the Recreation Center, and they exist as refreshing mini-water parks that are ideal for those wanting to enjoy an aquatic environment without the danger of deep water. The spray fountain features several different types of play components including water jets and waterfalls that encourage fun splashes, jumps, and drenching fun for all.

Collierville Greenbelt System

If you want to check out nature and the other great sights found throughout Collierville, then be sure to check out the Collierville Greenbelt System, as it is a network of 18 miles of walking trails that connect neighborhoods around the city. The Greenbelt System allows you to get around by foot, on bike, or by car as you can see for yourself how quaint and lovely this Tennessee town is, and it’s great for bird watching and wildlife viewing, and if you’re into photography, this is your chance to capture some awesome shots of nature! If you prefer more rigorous exercise like jogging or running, then the Greenbelt System is perfect for getting your cardio routine up and running in no time at all!

Downtown Collierville

Top off your trip to Collierville with a visit to the Downtown area of this great city, because it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. The first thing you’re sure to notice is its beautiful architecture; this is because the area has been preserved since 1819, and many of its buildings are still standing from that time period today. If you stop by at night, there will be plenty to see in terms of lights as well. If you’re visiting in the winter, know that Downtown Courville hosts an annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony every December with the ceremony beginning with Santa Claus arriving on his sleigh drawn by reindeer, followed by festive music and caroling throughout the city streets until all shops have been lit up with holiday decorations! Though, no matter when you visit Collierville, it’s sure to be a magical time, as this town is genuine in its culture, aesthetics, and experiences year-round.

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