July 6, 2020

What To Consider For a 2020 Summer Road Trip

What To Consider For a 2020 Summer Road Trip

More and more families are emerging from their homes this summer in favor of the classic American Road-trip, in lieu of a jet plane excursion. So, if planning a cross-country traversal this summer, check out these expert tips provided by Travel and Leisure.

For many vacationers who usually hop on a jet plane to travel to faraway destinations this summer, road trips are looking more appealing. According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association in partnership with MMGY Travel Intelligence, 68 percent of travelers admit that they “feel safest when traveling by personal vehicle and when visiting outdoor destinations.” Nearly half (45 percent) of the respondents said they are likely to travel more by car. And due to recent national health events, that trip in the car is looking much more appealing, as traveling with family and friends limits unnecessary contact with others as it’s wise to avoid public transportation, crowded waiting areas, and strangers for the time being. Thus, the American road trip is looking ever-more appealing.

Record Low Gas Prices

Often cited as a top deterrent for cross-country travelers, abundant gas station receipts can make or break a vacation, though this summer, that concern is a concern of the past. As of June 2020, per gallon averages are just under $2, the lowest it’s been in the past five years. Road trippers are even more benefited by accompanying their driving with an app like GasBuddy that offers fuel prices, destination routing, and budget planning. Additionally, indoor gas station prices will seem much less appealing once your backseat is stocked with a cooler, limiting the frequent, non-frugal purchases of soft drinks, snacks, and meals from the convenience store counter.

Travel in Style

When planning a road-trip, it’s often found that traveling in your own vehicle might not be the best option, whether due to its size or general reliability So, why not rent a vessel that bigger and more fun to drive? Be it a picturesque convertible or sturdy, safe SUV might be the way to go, as many modern models offer Wi-Fi, satellite radio, navigation, wireless phone charging, and safety features like lane assistance, emergency braking, and blind-spot warnings. In fact, renting a new model vehicle is like borrowing the top road trip machine. No matter your vehicle preference or chosen rental company, be sure to review their policies, especially cleanliness, pickup, return, and pricing. For budget planners, be sure to check with Offers.com for current deals, and look for specials, discounts, and low daily rates.

Plan Twice; Panic Never

No matter the destination or vehicle, you should prepare a list of items you’ll need and want along the way, a decent medical kit (Global Rescue compiles great suggestions), an extra phone charger, as well as many other oddities oft-forgot. Thankfully, the Auto Club published a very helpful checklist as a reminder to make sure your vehicle is as ready for your road trip as you are.

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