January 27, 2021

Unforgettable Charming Southern Cities

Unforgettable Charming Southern Cities

America’s southern cities are renowned for their diverse array of cuisine, culture, and colorful landscapes.  There’s simply no better intersection of the best offerings of the South than this curated list from Southern Living, which is voted on by its readership, researched by its staff, and suggested to be enjoyed by all safe, responsible travelers to the unique American South.

Alexandria, Virginia

Located no less than a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital, the city of Alexandria is as treasured and bountiful as the famed lost library it’s named after. Maintaining its small-town, southern charm while still offering the amenities and fights of a much more expansive city, this destination will have you and those close to you forging unforgettable memories while taking in all you can along the King Street Mile. This neighborhood is as vibrant as it is aurally vivacious as it has sights consisting of centuries-old architecture, music and sounds emerging from dozens of locally and independently-owned restaurants, and quaint boutiques you won’t want to miss. To top it all off, if you’re caught lucky enough to visit in the holiday season, you’ll be illuminated beneath a canopy of twinkling lights sprinkling Virginian magic atop the charming bricken-laden sidewalks of this quaint, cozy town.

St. Petersburg, Florida

If your ideal city must have convenient beach access, then look no further than the southern city of St. Petersberg, as this paradise found along the Gulf Coast has the renowned sand-and-surf backyard of St. Pete Beach and Pass-A-Grille Beach, and the notorious white sands found at Clearwater are just a short drive away. The city limits themselves allow for a ton of entertainment such as freshly caught and stocked restaurants and unforgettable artistic sights- like the Salvador Dali Museum, housing the artist’s largest collection outside of Europe.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

While you might at first only recognize the giants of Tennessee, Memphis and Nashville, especially when it pertains to music or BBQ, get ready to think of Chattanooga when it comes to outdoor adventures. This mid-sized gateway to the riverfront is a cultural and activity magnet for any travelers who love nature as trails and landscapes that appeal to bikers, backpackers, bikers, and paddlers are found throughout the city.  Alternatively, if you’re looking to explore the southern city while you get your cardio in for the day, be sure to take in the city’s Bluff View Art District or the city’s shopping center consisting of restaurants and retail stores that house a former Civil War fort, Warehouse Row.

Greenville, South Carolina

Known as not only the midpoint between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville is also a fast-growing, riverfront city that makes it harder to overlook annually. This small, but full city holds the amenities of a sprawling urban metropolis with its star-powered restaurants, swanky lounges, and a 32-acre green space in the center of the city. Stop by the walkable downtown expanse of the vibrant and happening Main Street for a southerly charming city with capital flair.

Richmond, Virginia

Often called the true “Capital of the South,” Richmond truly holds something for everyone within its city’s walls, and that’s easy to do when your city has been a part of over four centuries of American and pre-American history.Nowadays, there’s a hipness to the city that is noticed by visitors and locals alike who like to take advantage of the trendy boutique hotels, gorgeous nature trails, casual oyster eateries, and over 30 craft breweries. And if that’s not enough, make a point to stop into “Unhappy Hours,” a garden gathering held monthly in the city’s Edgar Allen Poe Museum in the summer and fall months.

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