November 3, 2020

Top Travel Destinations for Foodies

Top Travel Destinations for Foodies

Traveling offers many opportunities to sleep somewhere new, see unforgettable spectacles, but to be honest, many travelers’ highlight vacation after vacation is trying their destination’s famous cuisine. Therefore, it’s not insane for foodies to plan a trip based on which cities in the United States are best known for their distinct cultural offerings and hometown delicacies, and U.S. News makes it easy with this ranked list of the “Best Foodie Cities.”

Savannah, Georgia

This Georgian coastal city brings together a blend of southern cooking and freshly-caught seafood, if travelled in the right month. While at a riverside restaurant, you can enjoy fresh crab, bouillabaisse, oysters and grouper when selecting a maritime cuisine. Though, if you want the best of Georgia’s southern specialities, you can’t go wrong with a spicy, locally-made sandwich or one of the many variations of southern grits.

Sonoma, California

Though not large or as notable as Napa when it comes to fine dining, Sanoma holds an array of delectable eateries for foodies with a rustic ambiance that holds a spacial place in the locals’ harts. The region is rightfully known for its wines, especially if it’s a zinfandel, but travelers should specifically check out Picazo Café & Deli  for their hamburgers and Angelo’s Wine Country Deli for sandwiches. When looking for atmospheric and tasty cuisine, you can’t go wrong with Bodega Bay’s Terrapin Creek and Petaluma’s Cucina Paradiso.

Austin, Texas

Like the rest of the city, the cuisine in Austin is similarly characterized as weird, but being a culinary hub of barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, the weirdness of Austin might be just your style. When in this southern hub of charm and culture, definitely make it a point to grab a bowl of chili or a fried steak, and don’t only rely on fine dining or “sit-down” restaurants, as many of the best finds for foodies in the city are from the army of food trucks roaming around.

Nashville, Tennessee

Though it’s often known for its place in music history or overlooked by neighboring states’ cuisine, this vibrant city is the perfect location for those wanting a fabulous fine-dining experience that incorporates international flavors or a traditional mom-and-pop setting with its offerings of southern-fried, culinary riches. For instance, of course you’re set to try nashville hot, fried chicken in one of the city’s oft-praised diners, but also make it a point to eat a tapas-focused meal at the  Black Rabbit.

Portland, Oregon

In the Pacific Northwest, the reusable, organic, and sustainable are heralded, so it’s little surprise that Oregon’s experimental city has industry experts praising the city’s chefs who are pushing the boundaries of what ingredients pair together well. Portland has over 600 food trucks throughout the streets with many concentrated in a food-court-like “pod” in the downtown area, so you’re never excessively far away from a good meal. Though, you should also make it a dedicated point to try an upscale option such as the top-rated, French-inspired  Le Pigeon or Ataula, a Spanish gastropub.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City’s food scene is expansive, so plan accordingly as you might find that your eyes are more adventurous than how far your feet are able to walk or your stomach is able to hold. With notable staples like the deep-dish pizza, fully-loaded hot dogs, Garrett popcorn, and italian beef, there’s no wonder why this city is oft-referred to as the culinary capital of the Midwest.

 San Francisco, California

Topping U.S. News’ for foodies is this innovative, extensive city known for its Michelin-starred restaurants, bounty of farmer’s markets, and “secret” hole-in-the-wall eateries. You’re never without an option or dinner, no matter the mood you and your fellow travelers find yourselves in, so take a stroll along the Marina and start writing your own San Franciscan food chronicle.

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