March 23, 2021

Top Staycation Spots to Consider this Spring

Top Staycation Spots to Consider this Spring

Though many places are starting to see restrictions lifted and travel picking back up, many are looking to book a spectacular “staycation” this upcoming spring break, and with TravelPulse’s curated list of the best spots for staying in, it’s never been more tempting.

Though the full list pairs each of America’s states with the ideal “hunker down” destination, it’s always a recommended practice to check with local advisories, rules, and restrictions, as things are constantly changing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Homer, Alaska

While it may be far from home, the quaint, charming town of Homer has both cultural attractions and cafés to rival the hippest, modern cities of the continental United States. If you’re planning to venture out for Spring Break, then you would be in luck, as the cozy town is actually known for having a very pleasant climate, making it an ideal spring destination.

Red Wing, Minnesota

Located on the “Mighty Mississippi,” the location, legacy, and aesthetic of the historic river town of Red Wing makes it perfect for a spring break staycation. Whether you’re walking river-side, taking a ferry ride, or exploring the nearby dramatic hills and bluffs around Red Wing, there’s plenty to love. Minnesota’s larger cities get the acclaim and the tourists, but only Red Wing has the niche wealth of interest-specific museums awaiting your patronage.

Overland Park, Kansas

The KC Metro area is known for many things, but during spring break, it’s typically a hotspot of tourists, so why not stop into the nearby Kansas City suburbs known as Overland Park? This gives you the perfect home base from which you’re in a prime location to explore the attractions of both the Kansas and Missouri side of the KC Metro area. Explore unforgettable attractions like the architecturally-stunning Museum at Prairiefire Entertainment District, such as the Overland Park Museum of Natural History. Afterwards, be sure to stop downtown and visit the stunning National World War I Museum and Memorial, the American Jazz Museum, and (of course) stop to feast on some of the finest barbecue the country has to offer.

Ocean City, Maryland

To many, there’s nothing more ideal or serene than a beach that’s practically all to yourself, and with the Maryland climate, you might just be that lucky when visiting Ocean City. The beaches typically run chilly, so you and your group might need a sweater for those early evening walks, but that just means that there will likely be more space to enjoy. After spending your time at the coast, stop by the nearby small town of Berlin to partake in its attractions ranging from the unforgettable landscapes of Assateague State Park to the Calvin B Taylor House Museum.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Stop in and stay awhile once inside the city limits of one of the most historic cities in America. When visiting or having a staycation, you’ll be surrounded by the spectacular Southwestern scenery that has given comfort to generations of travelers before you. Stop by the classic Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to acquire a new appreciation for the legendary artist before you trek on a local hike and blaze your own path forward. Before heading out of town, be sure to treat yourself to a tried-and-true New Mexican meal at one of the southwest’s most distinctive and authentic cuisines around.

Letchworth Falls State Park, New York

Start manifesting it now, you don’t need to busy yourself with the city that never sleeps just because you find yourself in New York, so leave the bustling Big Apple behind and truly reunite with nature and the fantastic spectacle of Letchworth State Park’s tranquil woods and rushing waters. Watch closely as the Genesee River traverses jagged rocks and ultimately cascades over three majestic waterfalls. Live in a postcard for a little while during this staycation, once you book at Letchworth.

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