October 8, 2018

Top Scenic Autumn Getaways

Top Scenic Autumn Getaways

Fall can be a beautiful season with its changing foliage, autumnal sunsets, and cooler temperatures which is exactly why its the perfect time for autumn getaways.  The experience of seeing your typically hot or cold city turn into a crisp brown and maroon cinnamon paradise can put even the grumpiest of us in the pumpkin spice spirit.  But there are some places in the US that really like to show off and we have found the top destinations with the most beautiful fall sights.


  1. Katy Trail, Missouri
    The 225-mile Katy Trail runs along the Missouri River for much of the way and cuts right through the state’s wine country. In the 1800s, this area is also where German immigrants settled, bringing their traditions along with them. There are plenty of adorable B&Bs situated along the trail if you need a rest from a long day of biking or hiking through the dense forests and limestone bluffs.


  1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania Dutch Country, better known as Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an idyllic place to visit during the harvest season. There are apple orchards ripe for the picking, corn mazes that hearken back to a simpler time and farmers markets bursting with homemade baked goods and fresh produce. And just 30 minutes northeast, you’ll find “Antiques Capital, U.S.A.” in Adamstown, home to over 3,000 antique dealers, traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and, of course, that Amish charm.


  1. Boston, Massachusetts
    In the fall, Boston is the destination for crisp weather, history and excitement. Hop across the Charles River to explore Cambridge and sit in Harvard Yard for excellent people watching, then recharge in one of the many independent coffee shops, expand your mind in the 84-year-old Harvard Book Store and finally, grab a cleverly named, famous burger from Mr. Bartley’s. We recommend The Big Papi with a side of sweet potato fries.


  1. Mackinac Island, Michigan
    Located in Lake Huron, this island resort is not only a National Historic Landmark, but it is also a portal back in time to when Victorian architecture was prominent and the only modes of transportation were foot, bicycle or horse. Mackinac Island is known for its opulent fall foliage in October, and it is also famous for its fudge. In fact, many of the island’s confectioners have been making fudge for more than a century.


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