June 3, 2020

Tips for Ultralight Packing

Tips for Ultralight Packing

According to SmarterTravel.com, packing light may be the blessing you never knew you were missing out on.  There’s no need to give up your style or comfort – just make a few tweaks here and there and see how quickly you can make the most out of that tiny bag and utilize your ultralight packing skills.  This will likely avoid those baggage fees or embarrassing moments trying to shove your overstuffed carry-on into the overhead bin.

Yes, we said carry-on.  That’s all you need.  Imagine a world where you don’t have to pay fees, you don’t have to worry about if your bag will arrive with your plane, you don’t have to crowd around the belt waiting for your bag to come by after a long flight.  Leave the heavy packers behind and get on with your adventure by following these great tips below for ultralight packing.  We suggest checking out this nifty packing list before you start, too.


Typically, you’re going to want a featherweight suitcase, which is anywhere between 7-10 pounds.  Some brands, Lipault and Delsey, have luggage in the 5-6 pound range, while the MegaLite offerings from IT Luggage are even lighter.  Regardless of your choice, be sure you get one with enough organization options to keep your various items where you can easily access them. It also needs to be as roomy as you can get it without upsetting the airline’s strict sizing guidelines (check the airline’s website for particulars for dimensions and weight).


Considering your clothing is what will take up the largest portion of luggage real estate, it’s important that you pay close attention to what you’re choosing for a trip.  Sure, wool and fleece is going to keep you warm, but that bulky, heavy fabric is going to take up a lot of room in your luggage and add to the weight of your luggage. When packing clothes, consider lighter fabrics (silks, synthetics, nylon, polyester, etc.), and if you need something to keep you warm when you arrive at your destination, consider putting that on when you board the plane so that it’s not taking up space in your carry-on.  You might be a little warm as you board, but you can take it off and stow it under your seat or behind you without incurring any flight attendant’s wrath. This will definitely help with ultralight packing.


This one is as easy as packing only versatile shoes – can you wear that pair in more than one setting?  Dressed up, dressed down – does it work?  Consider wearing your bulkiest pair while traveling, and only packing one or two lighter pairs in your luggage.  Challenge yourself to pull off your entire trip with just one pair of shoes – this article can help!


Sure, you want to take all of your own, but do you really need it?  What if you packed none of them and used whatever was available at your hotel or purchased travel size options when you arrive? Consider packing only what you can’t get at your destination, such as medications.


E-readers, tablets, and smaller laptops are the key to traveling light with electronics.  They save on both weight and space in your luggage. Just make sure you don’t leave home without the chargers!

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