July 9, 2018

The Perfect Way to Explore Kansas City

The Perfect Way to Explore Kansas City

Looking for a hidden gem in the mid-west? Kansas City is the place for you. It’s not always the first place you think of when deciding where to travel to next, but when you go there, you leave wondering why you haven’t been sooner. The New York Times recently wrote an article about the best way to explore modern Kansas City, and believe it or not, it’s by Streetcar. As stated in the article, “Yes: Kansas City has a trolley. And not one of those old-timey trolleys that doesn’t go much of anywhere and goes there slowly. The one in Kansas City is sleek. Modern. Has air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.It runs a real route — 2.2 miles from end to end, then back again — through the heart of downtown.” So not only can this streetcar take you through all of downtown Kansas City, but it’s also free!

For more information on travel tips and exciting things to do in Kansas City, click here.

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