March 15, 2021

The Bluest Waters to Visit Worldwide

The Bluest Waters to Visit Worldwide

When you finally land on a water-side destination to spend your time off from work, you ideally want to be staring at the bluest water imaginable, and thanks to this expertly-curated list from Travel and Leisure, that can certainly be arranged.

The article outlines the thirteen destinations across the world with the bluest water imaginable because the ideal setting to re-center yourself and absolutely refresh your mind, body, and overall sanity is in front of a tranquil blue sea or ocean. The locales listed include all blue bodies of water such as lakes, seas, beaches, and bays and their vistas ranging in blues from clear turquoise to bright navy blues.

Crater Lake, Oregon

In Oregon, there are vibrantly-deep blue waters that fill a caldera of the sunken volcano Mount Mazama, making Crater Lake a sight straight out of a drawing. The lake has no incoming streams or rivers to make the water murky, therefore the deep blue waters are practically crystal clear, making it the absolutely perfect place for any scuba divers brave enough to dive in the chilly waters. Crater Lake, the United States’ deepest lake, is located in Southern Oregon,and its depths plunge to 1,943 feet with sunlight extending 400 feet down.

The Maldives

Known by most as one of the world’s best islands, the Maldives is a favorite destination to most of the world’s most prestigious travelers. This low-lying island nation is found between the Indian and Arabian seas, and it has the makings of a bucket-list-perfect vacation setting. When visiting, you can be staying in one of the islands’ luxury-laden bungalows overlooking dazzling-blue waters and talcum-powder-soft white sand beaches. When not transfixed by the beauty of the beaches, visitors can explore the nearby coral reefs, and underwater playgrounds.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

This swimming spot, located in the South Pacific is a setting stolen from a tropical adventure film, and it’s made all the more magical by it being a naturally-occurring wonder of the world.  Due to the translucently teal waters that cover a hole that’s nearly 100-feet deep, it’s known by most as “The Big Hole”. When visiting these waters,  tourists trek through the lush forest outside of the Lotofaga village on Upolu Island, Samoa. Once through the tree-line, travelers climb down a steep ladder or partake in a brave plunge into the descending hole below. The waters of this Samoan trench come in from lava tubes that connect to the ocean, ensuring that this picturesque swimming hole never dries out.

Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

The waters from this lake that’s found in Banff National Park owe their impossibly-brilliant blue hue to the silt and icy meltwater emerging from the Peyto Glacier and Wapta Icefields. The true, sapphire-blue lake water can best be seen from the Bow Summit near Alberta’s Lake Louise. Adventurous visitors can even trek down and hike to the lake as well as the glacier and relax at Banff’s naturally-occurring hot springs.

Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Devil’s Bay, located on the other side of its gem-colored baths consists of a picture-perfect piece of white sand that’s found at the other side of a pool of water. After swimming the expanse, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a literal postcard, as you’ll be taking in the clear turquoise waters of this secret of the Caribbean.

It’s time to stop visiting the lackluster, brown-tinted waters of nearby beaches and truly treat yourself and your eyes by taking in the bluest waters imaginable.

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