The Easiest Travel Hack

This biggest complaint regarding air travel is the delicate and time-consuming trek through security which is why we want to share this simple travel hack.  It’s stressful and annoying and frankly, seems unfair that something outside of your control could affect your travel so much.  During just one week in March, nearly 6,800 American Airline passengers missed their flights due to these checkpoints alone. We have found the best way to SIGNIFICANTLY cut down the time it takes you to get through.  Anyone can take advantage of this hack but if you are an avid traveler for business or pleasure, you especially need to read on.

We found that the rate of people who are signing up for TSA Precheck by IdentoGO is quickly rising as the word spreads.  With TSA Precheck, trusted travelers can leave their shoes, belts, and jackets on, and keep their liquids and laptops in their bag as it gets scanned. It eliminates the stress, and the hassle and makes the process much faster, too. This past April, 92% of travelers with TSA Precheck waited less than 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES!  That’s a lot less than the regular line and surely prevented several missed flights.

The best part is that TSA Precheck lasts 5 full years, but it only takes about 15 minutes to get signed up. All you have to do is fill out a form online to start your application, and visit an office near you to give your fingerprints. No need to go all the way to the airport—unless you live near one and it’s more convenient for you. It only costs $85 for 5 full years. That’s only $17 a year! And if you have kids under 12, they’re free.  Fast, convenient, and affordable, it’s the easiest travel hack out there yet many don’t take advantage of it. Do yourself a favor and sign up today!

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