Benny Cenac, Houma, Renews Sportfishing Membership

As the owner of Cenac Marine Services, Benny Cenac Jr.’s roots are tied very deeply to all forms of recreational aquatic activity and restoration. This explains perfectly why he has become a longtime member of the Center For Sportfishing Policy (CSP) based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The mission of the CSP “is to maximize opportunity for saltwater recreational anglers by organizing, focusing and engaging recreational fishing stakeholders to speak with one voice to shape federal marine fisheries management policy.”

The CSP is made up of a board of directors, all with a common goal in mind. They are constantly listening to the angler’s feedback not only to look out for the betterment of the fishermen but the marine life as well. Mr. Cenac has spent years as an avid benefactor for the gulf coast region and strong supporter of coastal wetland restoration. He is especially fond of his involvement with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation. It is for that reason, Mr. Benny’s innate passion for marine conservation and advancement corresponds directly with the duty of the Center For Sportfishing Policy.

There is a lot of work done behind the scenes that many people aren’t aware of when it comes to recreational saltwater fishing. While there are decisions being made on Capitol Hill that could positively or negatively affect ocean wildlife, the CSP is there to bring a wealth of knowledge and preparation to fight for the best outcome.  And these decisions are not light ones absent of controversy. Recreational anglers provide a greater economic impact than industrial commercial fishermen: America’s 11 million recreational saltwater anglers make a combined economic contribution of $63 billion annually, spend $26.5 billion each year, and generate 440,000 American jobs.  Recreational anglers have led the way to maintain sustainable fish populations and protect habitats. Recreational anglers contribute to habitat restoration, and their license fees pay for management and restoration conducted by state agencies. They, along with fishing equipment manufacturers, have developed fishing tackle and best practices that reduce fish mortality. Building and preserving healthy fish stocks is in the best interest of all Americans.  This plays a huge role in the reasoning behind Benny Cenac’s support of the organization. 

Current law favors industrial commercial fishing at the expense of recreational anglers by severely limiting access to our waters. In some cases, recreational anglers are only permitted to fish a handful of days each year. This is a dramatic decrease from past policy.

A most recent issue that was shared on the Center For SportFishing Policy facebook page involves a federal decision that was made that threatens swordfish, one of the most sought after sports fish, and leaves conservationist astonished. The CSP, along with several other concerned organizations are said to be working to encourage the Administration to take another look at this controversial and contradictory decision.  The Center for Sportfishing Policy aims to make fishing fair by fixing marine fisheries management. Our goal is to sustain healthy fish stocks and ensure our ocean fisheries remain truly public resources available to all Americans.

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