Fall Foliage Cruises for 2019

One of the most beautiful parts of autumn is the changing colors of the leaves. The beginning transition from summer to winter is short, yet gorgeous every year. Fall foliage does not stay around for long, but it is still one of the best parts of the year. The colors create a blanket where they fall, creating a calming view regardless of where you are.

Some take road trips to fully experience the fall foliage. Some take train rides. Another amazing way to have the full fall foliage experience is by cruise. Travel + Leisure has compiled a list of The Best Fall Foliage Cruises Across the U.S. Here are a few of those best cruises to help you experience fall foliage in all of its beauty.

Holland America’s Atlantic Coast Cruise

With a capacity of 1964,  the cruise ship Zuiderdam gives the option to take a relaxing cruise along the East Coast. The 11 day cruise begins in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, allowing you to enjoy the city’s rich French culture and prominent fall foliage before traveling down the countryside. The cruise disembarks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering a beach getaway to end the foliage journey.

The cruise boasts a price of $1099 a person. It offers modern amenities and an art and antique collection on board. There are vast options for on-board music and even a BBC Earth experience on board.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Vancouver to Los Angeles

All aboard the Seven Seas Mariner for this 12 day getaway. Begin your trip in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and watch the leaves begin changing into their yellow hue. The ship then heads upward toward Alaska, and back down to sunny Los Angeles, California. The ever-changing scenery offers a unique view of the changing seasons we have all come to enjoy. With a capacity of 700 guests, the cruise is $8,899 per person.

You can enjoy the view from your private balcony, or take a more hands on approach and go kayaking in Alaska. Either way, the classy Seven Seas Mariner offers something for everyone.

Royal Caribbean’s Fall Foliage Northbound Cruise

The Adventure of the Seas begins its journey in New Jersey. Setting sail in September, the ship’s path offers the best of the coast at the prime time for fall foliage. The ship disembarks in Bar Harbor, Maine- a prime location for watching as winter creeps in and the leaves change their colors.

The Adventure of the Seas has a capacity of 3807 and a starting cost of $689 per person. The ship offers activities from racer slides to dance classes to rock climbing to ice skating. There is never a dull moment on this Adventure.

Carnival Cruise’s Canada and New England Journey

Beginning in New York, the brand new Mardi Gras takes you along a soothing path. You will travel from New York to the coast of Portland, Maine and Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. As you navigate your way through these picturesque towns, the leaves will be turning red, yellow, and orange around you.

The Mardi Gras has a capacity of 5200 guests and prices begin at $649 per person. The ship will have water slides, an eco-friendly roller coaster, Family Feud Live, and much more. The Mardi Gras may be a new ship, but it will surely not disappoint.

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River Cruises and What You Need to Know

The industry of river cruise lines really started/took off in Europe and it continues to be a popular vacation trip. Or even just to explore the world, river cruise lines are perfect for those seeking a little bit more of an adventure. Usually everything is included which means less stress and more time to have fun.Travel + Leisure published the Top 10 River Cruise Lines. We are here to focus on one of them. U River Cruises. This unique experience is known to be completely centered around its guest, hence the name “U”. If you are looking for a personal, exciting adventure throughout Europe, U RIver Cruises are the way to go.

U River Cruises

The U River Cruise line offers its visitors a unique experience because they serve those looking for an “authentic adventure”.

Onboard Life

A Silent Disco

Silent is not the first word that comes to mind when someone mentions a disco, but this is not an experience to miss. The DJ plays the music which plays through headphones that everyone has. This means you can take them off to talk to your friends and you don’t have to worry about loud background music.

Camping on the Rooftop

Have you ever wanted to camp under the stars on a river cruise line? U River Cruises give this option and they even provide the tents! Enjoy the outdoors without all of the hassle.


This is always a must on vacations. The best way to relax, being on the top deck doing yoga while the sun comes up.

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Their Ships

The U River Cruise offers 2 different ship options. Both including three different styles of rooms. Ranging from just a place to store your stuff and sleep to a whole suite. There is even the option to share a room with someone. This could be the perfect opportunity for someone who is traveling alone and wants to explore the possibility of meeting someone on the same adventure.

Relaxing on a traveling hotel seems like the best way to see Europe. No need for backpacking when you can just float up to most cities.

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Dining Options

Worried about what you are going to eat all day? The U Cruise Line has 3 included daily meals during the trip. Each meal often based off of the cities that are visited. There are multiple vegetarian, organic, and healthy options. But who doesn’t like a good burger? U offers a juicy burger and a nice side of fresh fries.

Local street food is also usually served; German Kasekreiner is served whenever it is possible. If there are dietary restrictions the chefs are more than happy to help accommodate their guest.

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 U River Cruises offers 22 different ports of call, 5 different countries, 3 different rivers. Why vacation in one place when you can vacation on a floating hotel that literally brings you to different countries while you relax for the ride. The 5 countries visited are: The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. Each bringing a different experience and many different options to explore.

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