Thanksgiving Weekend Getaways

For those with ample time off around Thanksgiving week, the weekend before, the day of, and the weekend after can all present themselves as an excellent opportunity to escape the city for some much-needed self-care or quiet family time. No matter the reason, this article from Travel Off Path for the best getaways to experience in the United States might be just the push you need to enjoy the holiday without the stress traditionally associated with Thanksgiving dinner.  Keep reading for Thanksgiving weekend travel ideas.

New York City, New York

This one may be obvious, but that doesn’t make it a poor decision. As many can attest, the Big Apple transforms into a different place over the holidays, so why not flock to the city and see the 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person or simply experience the world-class culinary experiences across the infamous city. If visiting on Thanksgiving Day and starting in an extravagant hotel, then consider the Frenchetter, which will serve as a great choice for those of us wanting to partake in a comforting, traditional Thanksgiving Day feast from the safety and congenial warmth of our hotel room. Stop by the city that never sleeps and breathe in the blessings and beginnings of holiday spectacle by taking a stroll through the wonderful Central Park, witnessing the literal wonderland and skating the ice rink at theBank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, or see an unforgettable performance of Christmas Spectacular by The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Set your sights west this year on Turkey Day by seeing an alternative side to Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, a city that prides itself and is renowned for its focus, origins, and respect for Native American culture, traditions, and experiences. Around this week specifically, the city is home to various festivals and special events that allow you to experience this time-honored holiday through a specific cultural lens that takes focus away from the perspective of the pilgrims. One way to really make the most of your trip is to head over to the Winter Indian Market for some perusing of local crafts, artwork, and wares of the Santa Fe community. Additionally, stop by the Wind River Trading Company and take home some authentic Native American jewelry from local artists, and then top off your meaningful day with a Thanksgiving dinner meal at La Casa Sena, Geronimo, Terra Restaurant, The Compound, Santacafe, or Sassella for an unforgettable and delicious adventure.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Leave the stress emitting from Thanksgiving prep, planning, and organizing behind and surround yourself in one of the most comforting, slow-paced, and extravagant environments imaginable with a trip to Nantucket. This quaint island community located just off of Cape Cod is home to many excellent experiences this holiday season such as a wonderful stay at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort for some of the coziest accommodations in the area. Located in close proximity to the various activities available in the city, this hotel has a special experience in store for guests booking on for the turkey-laden holiday in particular. Guests will be able to enjoy an expertly-crafted Thanksgiving meal at Breeze, the award-winning restaurant located in-house. Book a stay and enjoy all the delicious flavors that Executive Chef Adam Votow has to offer such as the Skillet Roasted Brussel Sprouts or the Four Cheese Baked Macaroni; either of which is sure to knock you on your feet. Outside of this world-class hotel, many visitors flock to this East Coast staple to either observe or participate in the town’s Cold Turkey Plunge, a beloved tradition in which townsfolk and visitors dive into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean in traditional solidarity before warming up by the various fires of the local living rooms, restaurants, and hotels for a communal meal or nightcap.

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8 Must Do Things in New York City this Fall

New York City is notorious for its bright lights and big-city buzz, but it’s also a beautiful spot to visit during the fall. The crisp air and colorful autumn trees bring a coolness to the city you can only experience during fall.

Whether it’s your first time visiting the Big Apple or your twentieth, these eight fall must-dos are for everyone to check out.

Forget Central Park – the Botanic Center is where it’s at. Filled with green-turned-red and orange maple, sumac, dogwoods, and oak trees, you can check out the fall foliage at the Japanese Garden and smell the roses in the Rose Garden. You can also experience a true fall festival in the heart of the city with their Harvest Homecoming Festival, complete with hayrides and apple cider.

This winter activity actually begins in October in this city! The Rink in Rockefeller opens around the middle of October to make sure visitors and locals can get the most out of the seasons. Rent your ice skates directly from the center, and once you’re done grab a hot cocoa or hot apple cider for the ultimate fall experience.

  • Explore NYC’s Haunted History On A Ghost Tour

Is it really fall if you don’t go on a ghost tour? You may not initially think of New York City as haunted, but rumor has it you can find a ghost or two once the sun goes down. St. Paul’s Chapel is said to have a headless ghost in residence, the Hotel Chelsea is the perfect place for a spooky story, and even the Empire State Building is said to have the ghosts of past suicide jumpers roaming the building. To experience a professional ghost tour, click here.

From a special theme to a Grand Marshall, this parade is everything Halloween. Come in your best-themed costume to join in on the parade and have fun with the band, dancers, puppets, and more! Then afterward join in with the after-party and have a scary good time with friends new and old.

  • Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an American tradition, so why not make it a tradition to see it in person? Held in Manhattan and lasting about three hours long, this annual parade is filled with huge balloons, elaborate floats, marching bands from all over the country, guest artists, and last but not least, Santa in his sleigh.

One of the Tri-State area’s most epic fall festival, this event is held in Hudson Valley and filled to the brim with – you guessed it – Jack O’Lanterns. Make your way through thousands of elaborately detailed pumpkins, and make sure to check out the Pumpkin Carousel twirl and the Pumpkin Windmill whirl and step inside the Pumpkin Planetarium for a star show like you’ve never seen. It’s a unique way to experience part of New York City you may not have before.

This festival is one of the oldest and largest street festivals in Brooklyn, New York. Atlantic Avenue is filled with food carts, art and crafts booths, performances, and live music as community members from all over come and enjoy themselves and explore other cultures.

  • Bike Across The Brooklyn Bridge from New York City

Grab a bike rental from one of the cities many shops and get pedaling! This activity is fun andaccomplishing, and lets you get a view of the city that the locals do. Biking in fall means the weather is almost always perfect (so maybe you won’t even break a sweat!) Make sure to explore Brooklyn before heading back!

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