TedX Comes to LSU

LSU recently announced the lineup for the 7th annual TedX event being held March 23, 2019 at the LSU Union theater.  Never heard of TedX? A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with a community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.  Launched in 2013, TEDxLSU is an intellectual and creative experience that brings local, regional, and statewide communities together in a way that enables them to imagine the possibilities, spur discussion and dialogue, and generate big ideas that will move the state of Louisiana forward. TEDxLSU participants, speakers, volunteers, and organizers come from all walks of life–business, non-profits, art, education, technology, and more.  TEDxLSU—like all TEDx events—is not organized for political reasons, monetary reward, or personal gain. Everyone associated with TEDxLSU does so because they believe in the power of ideas to ignite progress. TEDxLSU is financially supported by ticket sales and in-kind community partnerships. All funds generated through TEDxLSU go directly into sustaining the program. Check out Ted for more info and interesting talks on any and everything from politics to religion to self help and inspirational stories.  Ted materials are frequently used in educational settings such as K-12 and graduate level schools all over the world. Check out the TED free app on your phone or tablet!

Shortly after TEDxLSU 2018, the organizers gathered to start the process of planning for the 2019 event. They spent months reflecting on every detail of the 2018 event and planning for the 2019 event. During the collaborative planning process, the organizers all agreed on just one thing:  the ideas featured on the TEDxLSU stage and experiences the attendees shared needed to shed light on topics that would spur conversation and action in our community. That led to the 2019 theme: ILLUMINATE.

Illumination is a reciprocal process; what to you is fully illuminated can be only a spark of an idea to another person. To spread that idea, we take care to illuminate our own knowledge for others, and to receive and spread the spark of knowledge that those around us offer.

But it’s bigger than that- the organizers attempt to take stock of where we are as a growing community and as local members of a global experience and we try to find a singular element that anchors us.  From there we begin to discuss all the different ways this word manifests, and it becomes bigger than its definition. The theme becomes a lens through which we can challenge ourselves to make life better.

The speakers and performers for the 2019 TEDxLSU event are:

Brandon Ballengée
Andrea Eastin
Reagan Errera
Hayley Johnson & Sarah Simms
Lori Latrice Martin
Juan Martinez
Sara Reardon
Emma Schachner
Clay Tucker
Rolanda Wilkerson
Nalo Zidan

These people are clothing designers, ecologists, educators, paleontologists, fire-breathers, and everything in between.  Reserve your seat in order to expand your horizons, open your mind to another bubble of life, to be… ILLUMINATED.

Tickets range in price from $25.00-$65.00.  There are discounts available for students, educators and early birds.  

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