Louisiana Swamp Tours To Consider Taking

Louisiana has a lot to offer, but the most amazing thing is the wildlife and scenery. Swamp tours are the best way to see both. However, with the large amount of swamp enclosed in Louisiana, this means there are multiple swamp tour options. Thankfully, The Crazy Tourist has done some work for us to find the 15 Best Louisiana Swamp Tours. We are here to give you five of them. Remember, Louisiana weather can be unpredictable, so check with each tour and make sure there are options in case the weather does not work out.

New Orleans Airboat Tour

Have you ever heard of an airboat? A boat that is powered by huge engines that use propellers to push the boat through the water, and sometimes mud, without using a motor that has to be placed in the water. Airboats give a more unique experience because they can get int places regular boats cannot. Only an hour away from New Orleans this tour is only a few hours long, meaning you will have time to explore the rest of the city after being able to explore the bayou.

Expect to see snakes, turtles, birds, and even gators on this amazing tour.

Swamp AND Plantation Tour

Looking for a full day filled with history and legends that fill Louisiana’s swamps? The Destrehan Plantation makes its visitors feel as if they are walking into a different century. This plantation is the oldest documented plantation that is located in the Mississippi Valley  Five hours long and you will not only see the plantation but you will visit Manchac Swamp. The Cajun werewolf is said to lurk in these swamps and has been for centuries. Watch out, he might be just around that cypress tree.

There is also a tour available that not only has the plantation tour, but there is also a 6 to 9 person Airboat swamp tour included in the package. This more personalized tour will help you appreciate the true beauty of the Louisiana swamps. The Destrehan Plantation also offers a Museum that helps display the Slave Revolt that happened in 1811.

Eco Swamp Tour

This tour is one for those who prefer a small setting. Focusing mainly on Pearl River  and theHoney Island area, this tour really focuses on the fauna and flora that takes up Louisiana’s swamps. Two hours and a six person limit, this is perfect for those who want a quick glimpse into what the swamp has to offer.

Honey Island

The Southeast’s largest lakes, Lake Pontchartrain is the perfect place to discover the legends that go along with Louisiana’s swamps. Legends that include the spirits of pirates that have been long gone and ghosts that lurk in the swamps. Honey Island has been known as one of the least altered swamps in the United States. It is a protected wildlife area, but watch out for the Honey Island Swamp Monster. The array of wildlife that takes up the Louisiana swamp is almost unbelievable. Take this tour and get a chance to see otters. How could they possibly live there with all of the gators?

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