Grilling Tips and Tricks For Everyone

Chef John’s 7 Laws of Grilling has something for everyone if you’re looking for tips, tricks or recipes to make your backyard grilling the talk of the town (or at least the neighborhood).  We thought we had it all down just right, and boy were we wrong!  Summer quickly approaches, and now is the perfect time to take some continuing education to be sure your grilling game and recipes are in tip-top shape to wow your family… and your friends once we no longer have to be socially distant.

Let’s face it – there’s very little that beats a warm, clear Louisiana day manning a smoky grill preparing your friends and family to be impressed with your primitive fire-meets-meat skills. Of course, grilling isn’t just about meat – like we said, there’s something for everyone, so these recipes also cover vegetables and even bread.  Fire was one of mankind’s greatest discoveries, and now with these tips and recipes, you can consider yourself above the pack as you continue the tradition of facing off with fire to provide a delicious dining experience for those you hold dearest.

  1. Temperature Check!

Don’t guess, use a thermometer! Nothing is going to kill your grilling reputation than undercooked Grilled Greek Chicken– make sure it’s 165° before you serve it!

  1. Bread Meets Grill

That’s right – you’re not dreaming.  While your grilled meats rest, toss your bread over those hot coals and impress your guests with your grilling mastery. Try grilled bread with these Lamb Merguez Sausage Patties.

  1. Watch the Fat!

Meat on its way for grilling is great with internal marbling, but fat not trimmed down to under ¼ or less is going to flare up and cause a fire. Unless you want your guests running for the extinguisher, be sure you trim down your meat when you hook up these Grilled Flap Steaks.

  1. Don’t Spend Tons on Tongs

As fun as fancy, futuristic tongs might be (and make you look), nothing works better than a long, durable, CHEAP pair of metal tongs. Ask a line cook if you don’t believe us – these are available at restaurant supply stores & are ready for your Grilled Spanish Mustard Beef.

  1. Skip Oiling Veggies

No one likes that fuel aftertaste – Chef John explains that excess oil drips and vaporizes causing that turn-off.  So instead, try wiping the grates with a little oil, skip it on the veggies and then drizzle later.  Try it with our favorite, Mexican Grilled Corn.

  1. Aprons are Out

You wanna look like a pro at the grill, right?  Unless you’ve got a funny apron to improve the cool factor, stick to an old t-shirt if you’re worried about stains.  Your guests will love you even more if you dare to wear only a t-shirt when grilling up this Barbecue Chicken.

  1. Mind Your Manners

Don’t be that person that offers unwanted advice when someone else is making your dinner.  There’s a code, folks!  Rather than stepping on your host’s feelings, maybe share this article with them.  But a word to the wise – do it a week or so after you eat.  If you do it while they’re grilling, it’s your fault if you get burnt chicken… or worse, exiled from the next cookout!

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