The Best French Recipes Anyone Can Try

Parlez-vous français? Whether your answer is yes or no, we’re certain the answer to whether or not you like French food will be a resounding YES!  We agree.  Whether it’s the bread, or pastries, or cheese, or wine, it’s really no surprise that French food is one of the few breakfast, lunch, dinner options that really anyone can agree on.  The contribution of French cuisine to various culinary masterpieces cannot be understated.

Believe it or not, French food can be fun and accessible to anyone (even English speakers), and there are various books, cookbooks, blogs, etc. that are available to assist you, debunking the general expectation that French cuisine is too unapproachable.  Anyone can embrace, master and enjoy French cuisine – you don’t need to be French, and you definitely don’t need to be living in France to replicate these delicious recipes – although we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to vacation there soon and shop at a local store vs. whatever options exist for you where you’re at.

Thanks to for this article revealing recipes as part of what could be considered the ultimate French recipe collection.  While there’s way too many scrumptious options for us to list here, we hope you’ll explore the depths of this comprehensive article and find something that speaks to you.  Here’s the ones we found eye-catching!

French apple tarts with Calvados cream

French apple tarts make for the best fall desserts, but don’t let that stop you from trying them anytime.  The base is thin and flaky and the spiced cinnamon/sugar/apple filling looks so good, we’re going to want to make extra to eat the leftovers.  And you know we’re wondering what else that might go good on!?

Crunchy Syrian french toast

As though we needed another reason for a delicious brunch recipe!  This recipe takes a crunchy baguette, honey, saffron and orange to tantalize your taste buds with a European flare.  Impress your brunchmates with how you can take an ordinary dish to an extraordinary dish!

French onion soup

If you’re like us, you’ve never met a French onion soup you could resist.  Full of rich oniony flavor, topped with cheesy toasted bread.  Good luck not having this one over and over!

Tartiflette (French-style cheese and potato bake)

If you’re looking for French comfort food, look no further.  Yes, we’re talking cheese! Tartiflette is a traditional dish from the Savoie and Haut Savoie region of France. It is a gratin dish made with sliced potatoes, onions, wine, and bacon.  You just can’t go wrong with that combination.

Carrot and ginger soup with French-style lentils

This one is a shout-out to our vegan friends, and non-vegan friends will love this one, too!  Carrot Ginger Soup is packed with protein with the use of lentils.  It’s healthy, warming, and super easy to make.  This recipe is good for making in huge batches and freezing, too.

French-style fish stew

This recipe is sure to have your kitchen smelling amazing.  This fish stew marries seafood and the full tomato flavours of France to create a perfect union for your family to enjoy.  Be sure you grab some French bread so you don’t let any of that delicious sauce go to waste.

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