Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance

Louisiana is known for many things, southern hospitality being one of the main ones. The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance is a Louisiana based consortium. It is made up of private, corporate, and community foundations and donors. It was founded to help with the issues of disaster recovery. It was also founded to help the levels of vulnerability and risks of repeating events be reduced.

This “first-of-its-kind” partnership has taken a different approach. This public-private takes a step back and focuses on the way long-term solutions that will help re-establish communities that are resilient and sustainable to the area. The organization has been functioning for 12 years.

Over those years Louisiana’s communities have experienced events that have drastically impacted those communities. In the past, Louisiana’s philanthropic foundations were often split which made it harder for foundations to work together during tragic events. However, after the floods of 2016, foundations were more willing to work together to help the community get back on its’ feet. On their website the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance says it “was created to support cross-sector collaborative efforts and communication, share knowledge and resources with the goal of improving recovery outcomes and increasing the resilience of Louisiana residents and communities.”

The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance uses its platform to not only help but also educate people on the impacts of disasters in the state. Investing into communities and using resources from multiple sectors, the LDRA also helps its partners as well. Over 170,000 dollars worth of grants were awarded on October 20, 2017 to help communities in Louisiana.

The Board of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance is made up of:

  • Lori Jill Bertman- Board President
  • Flozell Daniels Jr.- Board Vice President
  • Mark Stewart- Board Secretary and Treasurer
  • Kristi Gustavson
  • Michael Tipton
  • Advisory Board
  • Christy Wallace Slater
  • Bob Ottenhoff

The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance includes a section on their website including some of the Funders of the Alliance:

Some of the partners that are agencies of the State of Louisiana include:

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