Discover the Best of What California has to Offer

The Golden State never ceases to amaze due to its natural beauty, diverse culture, and endless list of attractions. Whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, California offers an unforgettable road trip experience that will leave you spellbound, especially thanks to this travel blog article from The Travel. From stunning beaches to majestic mountains, bustling cities to quaint towns, there’s something for everyone in the land of sun-kissed dreams. So pack your bags and hit the open road as we take you on a journey through some of California’s must-see destinations!

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The desert oasis offers plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun, whether you’re lounging by the pool or hiking in the nearby mountains. If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Palm Springs is home to some of the best vintage stores in California. You can find everything from mid-century modern furniture to one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. When it comes to dining, Palm Springs has something for everyone. From casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And if you’re looking for a quick bite, there are plenty of food trucks to choose from. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, Palm Springs is the perfect destination for your next road trip.

Antelope Valley

Nestled in the high desert of California’s Mojave region, Antelope Valley is a place of natural beauty and contrast. Snow-capped mountains give way to vast fields of wildflowers, and Joshua trees dot the landscape. The area is also home to the iconic California poppy, the state flower. In addition to its stunning scenery, Antelope Valley is rich in history and culture. Native American petroglyphs can be found throughout the valley, and there are several important historical sites to visit, including the site of the first European settlement in California. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, Antelope Valley is an ideal destination for your next California road trip.


If you’re planning a road trip through California, you won’t want to miss out on the beautiful city of Monterey. Nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Monterey is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the best of what the Golden State has to offer. There’s plenty to see and do in Monterey, from enjoying the city’s stunning coastal views to exploring its rich history. And of course, no visit to Monterey would be complete without sampling some of the delicious seafood for which the area is known.

 Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most popular destinations in California. The park is known for its unique landscape and Joshua tree forests. Visitors can explore the park through hiking, camping, and rock climbing. There are also many opportunities to see wildlife in the park, including desert bighorn sheep and coyotes.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a must-see destination for any California road trip. Located in the heart of San Diego, the park is home to over 3,500 animals from more than 650 species. Visitors can take part in a variety of safari experiences, including an African Plains Safari, where they can see lions, elephants, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Other highlights include the park’s cheetah breeding program and its popular baby animal nursery.

California is a stunning state with an abundance of natural wonders, iconic landmarks, and exciting attractions. From the Redwood Forests to Hollywood and beyond, there’s something for everyone in this wonderfully diverse state. We hope that our list of must-see destinations has inspired you to plan your own road trip adventure through the Golden State. So start planning your route now, pack your bags, and get ready to explore all that California has to offer!

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Where to Camp in Big Sur

Located along the Pacific Coast Highway in the sunny, effervescent state of California is a scenic paradise in the form of a rugged and mountainous section of the country called Big Sur, and when you’re supplied with this useful guide for the eight best locations to go camping in Big Sur from the writers over at Travel + Leisure, you’ll be able to see the most unforgettable parts of the area.

If you’re interested in seeing the magnificently jagged cliffs, breathtaking coastline, towering redwood trees, and meandering hiking trails that allow you to “take it all in,” then you’ll likely want to check out the several state parks, national forest campsites, and privately owned campgrounds located within Big Sur. The different offerings of the types of camping experiences that you can find at Big Sur all depend on what type of camping you are most interested or comfortable in. No matter which option you select, once you turn off the unforgettable Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll find yourself nestled in the majesty of nature, complete with the ambiance and atmosphere of fresh, pure relaxation.

Appropriately named, the Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins is an option for those looking for a camping or lodging experience that is all about “back to basics.” A destination that is preferred by families, the Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins prides itself on providing its guests a spotlessly clean, peacefully quiet, and invitingly friendly environment for all. In order to accomplish this heavenly atmosphere, they mandate a quiet time from 10 pm to 8 am every day, and if you’ve ever spent a weekend hiking in the mountains before, you know that you could be very likely to fill those hours with sleep.

The campgrounds also feature areas for RVs to be parked or tents to be pitched along the forest floor against the towering California Redwood trees. Each tent site is supplied with hot showers, which is certain to help alleviate you after a long day exploring the area, and the RV camping sites offer access to electricity, water, and a dump station. Additionally, they offer rentable inner tubes to help you enjoy the cool river water and several styles of cabins ranging from classically rustic to glamorously modern, and they can be booked here.

One Big Sur campground that is guaranteed to give you one of the best views imaginable is the Kirk Creek Campground located within the ever-sprawling Los Padres National Forest. What sets these campgrounds apart from the test is that each campsite is located on an open bluff that’s 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean. That means there is quite literally nothing standing in your way when you’re trying to take in the scenic views that Big Sur is famous for. Due to the remoteness of the campgrounds, be sure to fill up your water jugs, canteens, and other containers so that you can stay hydrated throughout the day or night.

No matter where you choose to stay in Big Sur, certain rules of common courtesy are expected to be followed by all guests in order to preserve the magnificence, cleanliness, and sanctimony of the area. Among these rules is the golden rule of park visiting that is “leave no trace left behind.” In order to follow this, it is expected that you properly dispose of all trash and plastics throughout your journey. Another guideline is to not feed any wildlife, be that intentionally or unintentionally, so as to keep a safe environment for all. Lastly, it’s important to be knowledgeable of the latest travel alerts for the area that you’re planning to travel to, so be sure to check out the latest CDC guidance.

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Exciting 2022 Travel Destinations

Each time New Year’s Eve passes, many vow to travel more in search of new opportunities, settings, and experiences. With this suggested list of the most exciting 2022 travel locations from Travel + Leisure, that New Year’s Resolution just got a lot more achievable.

Before planning any 2022 travel or renting any accommodations or booking any flights, it would be a responsible, beneficial idea to check local guidelines, consult CDC recommendations, and take personal health conditions into account due to recent COVID-19 surges that may have caused new government restrictions, rules, and safety measures having been set. Once you’re supplied with the most health-forward, preventative, and up-to-date information and guidance, you can enjoy your vacation or trip without looming anxiety in a fun and safe manner!

Traveling in 2022 is unlike any other year due to the fact that the hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic, which caused many, many hotels, resorts, and other vacation properties to make the most of lockdowns and mandated downtime to renovate rooms, install additional amenities, and expand upon existing outdoor areas. They’ve done this to welcome new and returning guests with exciting new offers, so it’s possible that there’s never quite been a better time to take advantage of exciting, adventurous travel opportunities like the ones that follow.


This past year one state received a unique increase in tourism due to many countries closing their international borders, and those that traveled northward to the vast expanse of Alaska were delighted by the unforgettable abundance of soaring, ice-capped mountains, exciting, thriving wildlife, and postcard-perfect wide-open spaces that beg exploration. One of the more exciting areas of the state is the Denali National Park and Preserve, located in Interior Alaska and centered on Denali, the highest mountain in North America and the third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, after Mount Everest and Aconcagua. Formerly known as Mount McKinley National Park,this park and continuous preserve contains a landscape that is an elegant mixture of forest, deciduous taiga, tundra, and glaciers, particularly the longest glacier of the Alaska Range, the Kahiltna Glacier which runs at an impressive length of 44 miles.

Greater Palm Springs, California

Escape into a land of scenic vacation iconography and self-care by treating yourself to a glamour-filled Southern California escape. Bounding with a certain “laid-back vibe,” Greater Palm Springs is an area that is known for being a particular geological wonder with valleys filled with date-palms, oasis springs, mountains, and rock formations. Some of the best ways to “get a lay of the land”  are to take a scenic ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway where you’re taken 2.5 miles up to Mountain Station Summit, book a hot air balloon tour over the Coachella Valley, or ride along with a local expert on a naturalist-guided Jeep tour. Additionally, one of the best experiences in the area is to explore 200,000 hectares of wilderness by rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.

Sedona, Arizona

Starting with a viral interest in the Devil’s Bridge attraction, Sedona, Arizona has seen continuous surges of tourism, and it’s for good reason: the area is home to the geological wonderland known as Red Rock Country. One of the best avenues to go down in order to see the most of what Sedona has to offer is by experiencing the “Sedona Secret 7,” which is a collection of lesser-known Sedona trails that are secluded and worth the trip. Alternatively, many tourists appreciate the quiet, reflective, and inspiring experiences to be had by immersing themselves in Sedona’s brilliant canyon environments and exploring ancient Sinagua civilizations, reenergizing at a vortex site, and learning about the vast cultural history of the Sedona Verde Valley. Lastly, if you’re in need of accommodations, then you ought to consider booking a stay at the Sky Rock Hotel, which offers truly breathtaking views of Sedona’s landscape in a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel experience.

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2021 Fall Travel Destinations

Even though many see summer as the season in which to hit the open road for new experiences and a chance to visit exciting travel destinations, the autumnal landscape of September might be the right time to visit some of the following charming locations listed on this index of suggested places to travel to in September 2021 from Travel + Leisure.  Making fall travel an ideal scenario.

September is the ideal fall month when it comes to travel because the world just seems to slow down and settle after the rush and busy summer season begins to fade away. With the ninth month of the year, temperatures become crisper, leaves begin to stand out in a vibrant array of colors.

As always, due to local regulations, travel restrictions, and COVID-19 surges, it is highly- suggested that travelers properly research all local guidelines and CDC recommendations before booking any trip or getting too far along in the travel process in order to keep you and those you care about as safe and responsible as possible in these unprecedented times.

Travel + Leisure’s full list suggests that you make your way up to Vermont, Jackson Hole, and Stowe if you want to breathe in the fresh mountain air; venture out to Niagara Falls if you want to take in some breath-taking views while you pick apples or eat peach pie; take a ride out to San Diego or Carmel if you want to take a stroll along the beachfront or shoreline; and book a stay in Bristol, Virginia for their annual Country Music festival or even a weekend in Las Vegas to survey their new hotels, shows, and restaurants that have recently opened. No matter the September experience you’re expecting, there’s always a location where it can happen, as seen in the listings below.

Carmel, California

Stop by the California coast if you’re not looking to escape the sun just yet, as Carmel, California is the ideal place for you to soak up some Vitamin D with the warm, cloudless days and cool evenings that are held in town and along Carmel Beach. The fall season is the perfect time to escape to a shoreside town to survey its September offerings, and there’s no better place to stay or visit than the following: 

  • Carmel Valley Ranch: Encompassing an impressive 500 acres, this ranch offers its guests and residents all-suite accommodations to make your days not taking advantage of their offerings of hiking trails, rounds of golf, apiary visits, and equine experiences all the more relaxing.
  • The Quail Lodge: If you’re looking to book a stay somewhere more spacious, then the Quail Lodge is your best bet with its spacious guest rooms and suites available to be booked. While you’re here, be sure to check out the many sports activities such as the lodge’s nine-hole putting course, pickleball, pool, and its impressive 18-hole championship golf course.

 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This is the prime destination for fall travel and for anyone looking to engage in hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, or practically any other outdoor activity, because Jackson Hole is set within (and named after) the valley between the Grand Tetons and the Gros Ventre Mountain Range. While this picturesque locale is a favorite among skiers and snowboarders in the winter months, there’s an array of Autumn activities and other events and seasonal openings to take advantage of; some highlights include:

  • Snake River Sporting Club: a 1,000-acre lodge with miles of trails and an infinity pool
  • The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival: an annual collection of gallery walks, artist panels and more; held September 8-19.
  • The Caldera House: a boutique hotel found in Teton Village that offers its guests residential suites and luxurious amenities that can be enjoyed when seeking refuge from the nearby shops.

Be sure to check out the full list that goes on to suggest an international escape to Italy, Botswana, and French Polynesia’s Bora Bora.

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Is 2020 The Year of The Road Trip?

According to, these are the top ten places to visit around the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave if you’re planning a summer holiday this year. From beach holidays, hiking, road trips or camping, there’s something beautiful and fun for every type of vacationer, and it looks like 2020 may be the year of the road trip.  Let’s get packing, but first, make sure you have proper safety measures in place and learn which states are open for visitors!

US Road Trip

If you’re like us, deciding on one spot to visit can be difficult. Nearly all destinations require some sort of road trip to get to – so why not make the whole trip into one big road trip?  Consider planning a route to take in sights on the west coast, east coast, or even cross country. provides a great list of the 11 most popular routes.

Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking for fun in the sun this summer, check out beautiful LA.  With so much to do and see, including beaches, theme parks, movie studios, sports and Hollywood tours, you’re certain to be able to find something suitable for everyone and within a reasonable budget.  Other locales nearby to check out include Malibu, Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

New York City, New York

Take a bite of The Big Apple (once it’s safe), one of the most sensational cities in the world with a spirit unlike anywhere else. Check out the Empire State building, Central Park, and various shops or theatrical productions.  If city life isn’t your speed, check out nearby beaches, including Coney Island, Orchard Beach and Robert Moses State Park.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a perfect road trip from Louisiana and a great family destination for a summery holiday.  Not only is Orlando the home of Disneyland, for kids and big kids alike, but they also offer tons more attractions including SeaWorld and Universal Studios. If you get tired of all the theme parks and attractions, you’re just a quick drive to some of the most beautiful beaches and state parks the states have to offer.

San Francisco, California Road Trip

This friendly, cultural city is a well-suited destination for a laidback summer vacation.  A few highlights to enjoy while there are the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, cable cars and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Ocean City, Maryland

With its 9 mile long beach, “OC” is a classy vacation destination. Looking for rest and relaxation, complete with culture, restaurants and community events in a friendly/safe environment?  Look no further than Ocean City.  We hear the 4th of July celebration is like no other!

Nashville, Tennessee Road Trip

Famous for its vibrant live music and food scene, Nashville is one of the most fun and lively vacation destination spots to be found. You’re going to love the friendly Southern laid back energy of this destination.

Portland, Oregon

Looking for a splash more green on your road trip holiday?  Check out Portland – a great spot for a family summer with a combination of outdoor beauty and city buzz.  Portland boasts a very cool culture, including a thriving culinary scene, unique markets, beautiful parks and huge bookstores.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If lighthouses, beaches, seafood and quaint villages are more your speed, you’re going to love Cape Cod. This hook-shaped peninsula is like nowhere else in the country and is perfect for those that prefer to lay back and soak it in or go out exploring.

Boston, Massachusetts Road Trip

Full of history and culture, Boston is a great vacation destination for the warmer months of the year.  Check out one of their legendary sports teams or gorgeous parks, or go exploring in their museums, markets, and walking trails.

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