Convenient Recipes for the Busy Chef

Sometimes in these last-half-of-summer weeks, and/or getting back into a school routine,  leisure time is coveted and rarely interrupted- especially for dinner. Though, that temptation to not cook an 8-hour meal doesn’t automatically mean families should consult a restaurant take-out menu, but instead as presented by Pinch of Yum, families should embrace the lackadaisical atmosphere of summer with this list of tried and true “lazy person”  or busy chef recipes that are delicious without too much effort exerted.


At-home chefs are well-aware of the easiness of the traditional option of chicken and egg salad sandwiches, but this recipe varies the familiar with an incorporation of avocado in egg salad that is placed atop a toasted everything bagel. This gives a new life and presentation to the 5-8 ingredient meal that takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare.


An instant or Crock pot is a tried-and-true tool in any busy chef’s arsenal, so it’s fitting that this recipe pairs the convenience of the instant pot with that of the boxed mac and cheese, both requiring minimal effort. Though, this combination recipe is made ever more thoughtful by highlighting and building upon the texture, sauciness, and cheesy flavor found in homemade mac and cheese, giving a family flavor from a low-effort meal-saver.


While the salad is an important go-to meal for those lacking time, sometimes the variety of ingredients can pose as an obstacle, impeding preparation. This recipe builds on that convenience with ease, as this is more of a production of assembly rather than cooking. The dressing poured atop a bed of edamame, cashews, and cabbage is unusually creamy and sweet, and it can even be shaken up in a jar with the crunchy chow mein noodle sticks that give this meal a much-desired texture.


Few kitchenware compliments the low-effort style of a busy chef other than the sheet pan, and with this recipe, you won’t need prep time. Resulting in a “food hack” pan pita, stuffing chicken and peppers with store-bought sauces and extras like tzatziki, hummus, or pitas, all of which can be home-made or conveniently store-bought.

Salmon Burgers

Reject the idea of eating salmon from a can unless it’s through the lens of this savory, good, and hearty meal that can be ready in fifteen minutes. Once made into a patty and quickly fried, a can of salmon quickly turns into a burger situation once placed atop a bun or bed of saucy cabbage slaw. Readers might be adverse to the ingredient, but it’s a favorite recipe for the at-home chef in a rush.

The Actual Easiest Fish Tacos

When you’re all ready to give up on dinner at home and ready to just grab your keys and leave to get takeout, this recipe comes in at the last second as a saving grace. The simple recipe included merely has a chef placing fish, butter, and spices in a hot pan to be baked, flaked, and consumed. It can also be made better by pairing the tacos with a garlic cilantro sauce that compliments the meal deliciously well.


Following along in the conveniently easy tradition of south-of-the-border recipes is this dinner-time favorite: the carnitas, or crispy pork that is loaded with flavor and asks very little of its preparer. You are able to make this pile of savory meat in a slow-cooker or instant pot, and the recipe can be multiplied to feed large crowds who will relish in how “great” of a cook their host is.

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