Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center Now Open

GMarriott recently announced that the newest premier American resort, Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, has had its Grand Opening. This resort, and the Gaylord name, has a long and rich history making them experts in the hospitality industry.

The Gaylord and Dickinson families began the Oklahoma Publishing Company, which would become the Gaylord Entertainment Company, in Oklahoma in 1903, before Oklahoma was even recognized as a state.  There was an increasing demand for news in the area and the families recognized that need and decided to capitalize on it.  Soon, radio would enter the lives of every American. The two families saw potential in this field and added on a broadcasting agency to their business.  It was the 2nd radio station in the United States. As the two entrepreneurial families recognized more and more potential during a time of major industrial growth in the US, they continued to expand their businesses to meet those needs.  The radio venture eventually led them to Nashville, the home of country music. One of their radio announcers, George D. Hay, gave birth to the renowned Grand Ole Opry with his country music radio show.

The business venture that would bring Gaylord the greatest amount of success and would thrust his company into the national spotlight was his 1983 purchase of Nashville-based Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel.  The Opryland Hotel ballooned in size during the 1980s and early 1990s to almost 2,000 rooms, making it one of the largest and most successful hotels in the world.

The success of the Opryland Hotel was in part a reflection of the ability of its managers.  With newfound success, money to invest, and a top-notch management team, Gaylord Entertainment announced two new hotel-development projects:  a 1,500-room Opryland Hotel in Grapevine, Texas, and a 1,400-room Opryland Hotel in Osceola County, near Orlando, Florida. The Texas and Florida Opryland Hotels were the first of several hotels the company planned to establish in the future. While construction was still underway at the two sites, the company announced plans for the $500 million Opryland Hotel Potomac, a 2,000-room hotel and convention center in National Harbor.

Gaylord Rockies Resort Photo
Marriott recently announced that the newest premier American destination, Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, has had its Grand Opening.

Gaylord’s newest enterprise offers and experience like no other previous Gaylord property.  Offering diverse convention, entertainment and lifestyle experiences, it truly celebrates the geographic heritage of the Rockies with regional themes and attractions designed exclusively for the resort.   The resort’s interior design has everything from waterfalls, boulders, native landscaping and even elevators designed to look like old mine shafts, a nod to Colorado’s gold rush history. Guest rooms boast carpets with Aspens and lumberjack plaid print pillows. In the Convention Center, one will find Colorado-inspired details throughout such as ski tracks and snow drifts. “For the past three years, a dedicated group of more than 1,500 individuals has worked tirelessly to bring this massive project to life.  We couldn’t be more excited to officially open our doors and welcome guests to experience all that’s offered at this magnificent property; a destination experience in its own that authentically captures Colorado’s adventurous spirit,” said Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center General Manager Rick Medwedeff.

The resort features 1,501 guest rooms, including 114 upscale suites, and more than 486,000-square-feet of meeting and convention space. Businesses can bring their conference, convention or meeting to life in one of the property’s new indoor or outdoor event rooms, including the 20,000-square-foot Aurora Patio and the 175,000-square-foot Exhibit Hall. The resort also offers eight dining options, a luxurious spa and salon, indoor and outdoor pools, a communal 75-foot TV, and picture-perfect views of the gorgeous landscape.  

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Italian Villas Now Selling for $1

News sites all over the world published articles about Italian villas with panoramic views of the Mediterranean on a fertile patch of land dubbed the “Earthly Paradise” for One. American. Dollar. Is this the international real estate deal of 2019? Upon closer look, you see that, yes, there is a catch.

Due to depopulation as people pick up their things and opt for more metropolitan areas, realtors are floundering and left to figure out creative ways to draw potential buyers back to the area for a major revitalization.  The homes are dilapidated and the catch is that buyers must invest $17,000 towards reconstruction efforts within the first 3 years of purchase.

“As opposed to other towns that have merely done this for propaganda, this city hall owns all €1 houses on sale,” says Giuseppe Cacioppo, Sambuca’s deputy mayor and tourist councilor. “We’re not intermediaries who liaise between old and new owners. You want that house, you’ll get it no time.”

Despite the $17k catch, within 48 hours of the story going live, the town has been inundated with tens of thousands of inquiries from people hoping to grab their piece of the rural Italian dream.  “The whole world has got in touch,” Cacioppo adds. “Callers are from Europe, mainly Spain, Russia, and as far as South Africa, Australia, USA, the Arab Emirates.” And it’s not just individuals and tourists lured by a dream house in sunny Sicily.  “A team of US lawyers, working for an American company interested in doing real estate business in Sambuca, wants to meet up with us,” says Cacioppo. “A businessman from New York just called me, saying he’s flying to Sicily tonight.

The city has a total area of 37 square miles in the South-West of Sicily, 42.25 miles far from Palermo, about 21 miles far from the archaeological park of Selinunte, and about 13 miles far from Menfi, that has beaches still pristine and the Blue Flag beach for its sea. Perched on a hill, the town of Sambuca di Sicilia is surrounded in the North-East from hills and woods, including the towering peak of Mount Genuardo in the South-West by the valleys of the river Carboj that form the reservoir of Lake Arancio. The beautiful woods surrounding the town are full of local legends and myths.  The architecture is something right out of an Italian romance novel. Originally, Sambuca was coined “Zabut,” thought to be from the Arabic term meaning “the beautiful.” Other hypotheses about the origin of the name go back to the Greek instrument, the Sambuca, similar to a small harp, that reminds of the urban map of the old town, or to the sambuco plants, spread around downstream. Sambuca is a timeless environment untouched by the modernization of more metropolitan areas and inhabited by only a few thousand people. It would be ideal for an international getaway and/or real estate investment.  

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Best Tropical Winter Escapes

Looking for a way to warm up your winter wonderland?  Lots of people choose to forgo icicles and flurries and opt instead for a warm, bikini-clad holiday.  If this is you, you’ve found the Holy Grail of travel blogs although this one has some great suggestions as well.  Leave the parka at home and get your AC ready! Read on for the best tropical winter escapes and remind Santa to bring his shades when dropping your gifts this year.

Kampot, Cambodia
The provincial town of Kampot in southern Cambodia doesn’t look like much at first sight because it is small and sleepy with unpaved streets and run down buildings, but Kampot’s sleepiness is part of its charm. Traffic is light and it’s easy to get around on foot, bicycle or motorbike. Life is slow and unrushed, with hot afternoons meant for lounging in hammocks or swimming.  The riverside location is at the foot of the Elephant Mountains and is a huge part of Kampot’s attraction. The river attracts everyone (both tourists and locals) at sunset for strolls. Just outside town you can swim and kayak from one of the riverside guest houses.  Known throughout Cambodia as the coveted weekend getaway destination, Kampot is a much needed reprieve from the chaos of Phnom Penh. Try out one of the eco resorts like Ganesha and Eden Eco Village that line the river while secret lakes and waterfalls abound for early morning canoeing and swimming. Rent a moto and take a drive up the winding roads of Bokor Mountain or over to La Plantation’s organic pepper farm and sample some of the world’s best.


Do you like waterfalls, scuba diving, mountains and untouched rainforests? Who doesn’t? This second largest central American country is for you. It has colonial villages (Gracias, Comayagua), ancient Maya ruins (Copan), natural parks (Moskitia), a Pacific and Caribbean coastline, and the Bay Islands.  These all offer great beaches and coral reefs where snorkelling and diving are exceptional by any standard.  The country is bordered by Guatemala to the northwest, El Salvador to the south and Nicaragua to the southeast.  The Lodge at Pico Bonito lies in the middle of the gorgeous Pico Bonito National Park, putting some of the world’s most dazzling natural environments at your doorstep.

Mexico City

Mexico City is, and has always been, the center of Mexico in terms of population, events, politics and fun. Though it has a riddled past, these days the city is cleaning up its act. Revamped public spaces are springing back to life, the culinary scene is exploding and a cultural renaissance is flourishing. On top of all that, by somehow managing to distance itself from the drug war, the nation’s capital remains a safe haven of sorts. In the past few years, the ancient city has enjoyed a vibrant resurgence thanks to a close knit artist community and a world class food scene. Stay at the Four Seasons in the center of the city, enjoy the rooftop pool and the open courtyard, and save time in your trip to float the Xochimilco Gardens in the colorful trajineras.


Explore the ancient Mayan Ruins, an award winning historical site where you can get guided tours and learn more about Belizean history.  After that, swim through translucent seas and be treated to a kaleidoscope of coral, fish, whale sharks and turtles, while divers go deeper, investigating underwater caves and walls and the world-renowned Blue Hole. With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, pint-sized Belize is packed with islands, adventure and culture.  Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia’s, and with more than 100 types of coral and some 500 species of tropical fish, it’s pure paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Add to this island life on the sandy cays, where you can spend your days kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, fishing or lazing in a hammock, and you’ve got a perfect tropical vacation.


These picturesque deserts are like nothing you’ve ever seen before this holiday season. Explore the great canyon of the Al Hajar Mountains and rip through the dunes of the Wahiba Sands. Head into Muscat to see the traditional architecture of the Royal Opera House Muscat and Grand Mosque, and be sure to take home some of the city’s famous fragrances.  Oman’s capital is very family friendly, with malls having dedicated fun zones and parks with play areas. It is, however, the beach that draws most tourists, whether it is for a picnic, to swim, a game of beach football, or just to stroll and enjoy the sunset. Water sports activities such jet skiing or banana boat rides are available at Qurum Beach and most beachfront resorts.  The afternoon can be spent watching dolphins frolic in the sea, followed by a beautiful sunset Dhow cruise starting from Marina Bandar Al Rowdah or Al Mouj Muscat.

Los Angeles

For some of us, the quickest way to cure the winter blues is to go where both the palm trees and the stars are. Los Angeles has something for everyone, with 75 miles of sunny coastline, a flourishing Downtown, lifestyle playgrounds for the rich and famous, acclaimed restaurants, trend-setting art and fashion scenes, and internationally flavored neighborhoods. One of the most popular ways to experience L.A. is by enjoying free activities, such as a scenic drive or visiting top cultural attractions. Los Angeles has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to green travel, from public transit to eco-friendly hotels. L.A. Tourism celebrates the city’s incredible diversity with its LGBT and ethnic guides. And you can bring your canine companion to L.A.’s dog-friendly parks, hotels, restaurants and attractions. Whether it’s luxury or budget, family friendly or singles, L.A. Tourism has the best itineraries and guides to explore this amazing city!  To relight your inner fire, jump between tanning at Venice Beach and taking in LA’s burgeoning art scene.

Costa Rica

December ushers in the dry season, so you can enjoy the warm weather without getting caught in a torrential downpour. There’s also a number of local festivals from January through March, perfect for experiencing the culture.  Costa Rica’s beaches offer the perfect escape from noisy cities. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family, or that special someone, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay. From big hotels with comfortable facilities to ultra-posh boutique hotels, there’s something for everyone. Besides great accommodations, Costa Rica is increasingly renowned for its widely varied and delicious foods distinct to each region. One thing they all share in common is their excellent taste.  Costa Rica’s beaches are surrounded by forests, and have great natural diversity. Many contain beautiful coral reefs, perfect for diving and exploring. Depending on the beach, complementary activities may include hikes to mangroves, diving, surfing, sport fishing, hiking on trails or horseback rides. With easy access to many beaches, you can make the most out of both coasts. Most have warm water throughout the year, so they can be enjoyed year round. If it’s variety you’re interested in, each coast offers different shades and textures of sand. White, yellow, gray and black beaches are the result of the constant crashing of varied seashells on coral reefs.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

December marks the off-season on Italy’s South Eastern coast. Though you won’t see temperatures as high as in June or July, you can expect days as warm as 55 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t have to deal with quite as many tourists. Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent colored sea, the Amalfi coast seems to be born from the palette of a painter. It is the land where the sweet scent of lemon blossoms mixes with lush Mediterranean vegetation and the salty sea air; where the brilliant colors of bougainvillea and carnations stand out among whitewashed houses, clinging to the last offshoots of the Lattari Mounts that plunge dramatically into the sea. A vertical landscape houses a picture perfect labyrinth of stairways and alleys. The shift from the sea to mountain is seamless: the mountain sides were terraced over the centuries, shaped by human labor to create flaps of arable land and already compared, during the Renaissance period, to the legendary Hesperides by the Italian writer and naturalist Giambattista Della Porta.


Get ready for sun-filled days and temperatures on the mid-70s. Miami hosts several winter events to make sure to keep the city alive during its off season.  The largest holiday theme park in the world, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is back for another season at Tropical Park. Enjoy carnival rides, shows, games, a 92-foot tall Christmas tree and more than three million Christmas lights. Ride the ferris wheel, race speedy cars, or risk it all on the “Mega Drop.” The park is open until the beginning of January. Check out the Deering Holiday Wonderland located at the elegant and historic Deering Estate located on the edge of Biscayne Bay when it’s festively decorated for the holidays and decked out in beautiful Christmas lights. Highlights include story time and photos with Santa Claus and a Festival of Trees evening stroll.  Lounge on idyllic beaches, take advantage of the city’s numerous water sports and explore the famous and colorful Art Deco District.


When considering a vacation to Hawaii for the month of December, choosing when to go greatly impacts both costs and crowds. The first few weeks are very quiet and relatively inexpensive, while the last week — including Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays — is a popular and expensive time. Hawaii’s weather is almost always wonderfully warm. Daytime temperatures typically reach the low 80s while evening temperatures dip in the middle to upper 60s. Even in December, tropical flowers continue to flourish as usual. You may also see poinsettia plants and shrubs growing and blooming outdoors.  With the exception of Hawaii’s Big Island, December is the wettest month for Hawaii. That doesn’t mean that you’ll likely encounter rain all the time. From our experience, we’ve enjoyed some wonderfully sunny days in Hawaii in December. We do recommend that you bring a breathable, rain-proof jacket and/or an umbrella so that a passing shower typically won’t interfere with your plans for very long. Even though this time of year is one of Kauai’s busiest, but with sunny days in the high 70s, it’s worth pricier hotel rates. Don’t worry about dealing with pesky crowds: The rural island only has two highways and visitors are encouraged to travel on foot through the gorgeous, rural terrain.

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Last Minute Labor Day Ideas

Don’t sit at home and twiddle your thumbs this Labor Day weekend!  Labor Day is one of the most traveled weekends of the year but if you haven’t made plans yet, don’t fret; it’s not too late.  We’ve found some great deals for you to take advantage of. Grab your significant other or your best friends and rock this long weekend!

  1. 4-Diamond Resort near Scottsdale:  Escape to “more luxurious-than-expected” (Gayot) We-Ko-Pa Resort in the Sonoran Desert with views of the Red Mountains. This deal saves 30% on regular rates, including a waived resort fee and daily dining credit.
  2. Los Angeles Boutique Hotel:   This converted mansion was once owned by silent film stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age and is a 10 minute walk from Rodeo Drive. Stay for Labor Day and save up to 20% compared to surrounding dates.
  3. 3 Night Getaway for Two Near Puerto Vallarta:  Hidden in the charming surfing village of Sayulita (just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta), this hotel invites travelers to opt out of the big-box resort in favor of a colorful boutique experience. Save more than 50% on stays through fall.
  4. Brand New Daytona Beach Oceanfront Hotel: Beach-lovers can stay at this newly opened Daytona Beach property into winter for 50% off with a $40 food and beverage credit.
  5. Ranch Mirage, 4 Star Westin:    Spread across 360 acres outside of Palm Springs, the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa “lives up to the name ‘resort'” (Fodor’s). Enjoy mountain views, three pools and a waterslide, and two championship golf courses with this 50%-off deal.

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