A Summer in Annapolis, Maryland is a Summer Done Right

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, the seaside city of Annapolis, Maryland is a destination that truly has enough entertainment, history, and features to be enjoyed by everyone, and with this handy guide to making the most out of your trip to Annapolis from Southern Living, you’re sure to make a trip to Maryland a regular feature of your summers.

Annapolis, Maryland is a gorgeous city that holds many enriching experiences in its coastline, waterfront, museums, and historic buildings, and simply put, it’s all the more enjoyable as a summer getaway. Whether you are looking to learn by visiting the city’s historic district, exploring the vibrant collection of entertainment and shops found on the waterfront, or enjoying the freshly-caught seafood at the town’s many heralded restaurants, there is something in store for everyone.

First off, if you’re looking to experience and learn about some serious American history, then look no further than Annapolis, as the streets hold more than 350 years of American history. Venture down Main Street for an obvious example of this as many of the street’s currently-operating shops and restaurants are found inside storefronts madewith 18th-century brick and mortar. Consider visiting locations with an enormous, long-storied history behind its features such as the once-thriving colonial shipping hub City Dock or the Maryland State House, which provides visitors with a self-guided understanding of Maryland’s rich and historic past.

One of the most notable locations in Annapolis is the Yard, or The United States Naval Academy campus, which sits only a short stroll away from Main Street along the junction of the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay. Designed in the Beaux-Arts style, the Yard is a wonder to simply behold as it’s an architectural sibling to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Paris’s Grand Palais. Be sure to visit this important United States Military institution to pass by pass by rare historic treasures such as recovered Japanese torpedoes from World War II or the legendary “Don’t Give Up the Ship” battle flag, but most importantly, seek out The United States Naval Academy to feel the grand, significant momentum of naval history.

If you want to truly experience some of what makes Annapolis so special, then be sure to head down to the nearly 17 miles of waterfront where you can take part in sailing lessons through Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center or take advantage of Annapolis’ many festivals throughout the year like Annapolis Crab Feast, US Boat Shows, Bay Bridge Run, or the Spring Sailboat Show.

If you’ve never eaten a certified Maryland crab cake, you simply haven’t enjoyed great seafood, as the first time you sit down to a fresh-from-the-sea crab cake, you’ll begin to regret ever giving the time of day to the poor imitators of the dish that are out there. Annapolis summers are often synonymous with gigantic platters of steamed hard-shell crabs served with loads of Old Bay Seasoning or J.O. spice. Some of the best restaurants in Annapolis that are sure to do right by you with their delicious offerings and preparations of seafood are  Boatyard Bar & Grill, Carrol’s Creek Cafe, Cantler’s Riverside Inn, Dock Street Bar & Grill,,and O’Learys Seafood Restaurant. However, if you’re looking for seafood for breakfast, then look no further than starting your mornings off right at the Iron Rooster or Miss Shirley’s Café.

For all of its long-storied history, seafood cuisine, waterfront experiences, and small-town charm, Annapolis is simply a destination that demands to be visited. No matter the reason for your trip, you’ll find plenty of reasons to salute this picturesque city on the Chesapeake Bay.

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