September 11, 2020

Staying in a Rented Cabin Must-Haves

Staying in a Rented Cabin Must-Haves

Oftentimes during a particularly testy summer, a family takes refuge in nature all while not forgetting the amenities of home that they’ve come to treasure so deeply, thus a cottage or cabin is booked. A “staycation” in a cabin that straddles the line between domesticity and nature, MidwestWeekends provides vacationers with a packing list so that you can ensure that your cabin getaway is as idyllic as it can be.

Depending on the cabin, you may find that your rented home is overly-equipped or found lacking, therefore, you should plan to bring your favorite daily-use items. There’s a classic, time-tested rule of thumb observed when renting houses: anything you really need but do not bring with you is exactly what the house will not have.

For instance, while a rented cottage or cabin may have plenty of cups and even a coffee pot, many are without coffee filters, and those on vacation don’t want to be straining coffee grounds for a 7am brew through cheesecloth, if it can be avoided. So, please organize your packing list (aside from clothes and toiletries) according to the following criteria.


When staying at a home away from home, you’ll want to be able to have the often-used, never-forgotten items and amenities that allow you and your family to use the most out of the house-supplied kitchen. While most rentals have a refrigerator, stovetop, and a decent amount of utensils, platings, and cutlery, some are without dish soap and a scour pad.

Other must-haves for morning caffeine lovers is a bag of coffee, (though many cabins are known to have one within the pantry) pack of coffee filters, paper towels, and a corkscrew. Also, pack a gallon of drinking water, especially if you’re wanting to make coffee, as well water may be full of minerals or otherwise unpleasant.

For the kitchen or the bath, it is often a great idea to bring your own pair of towels, unless told that they are supplied by the rental, as nothing is worse than being soaking wet and left to your own imagination and suitcase when needing to get dry.


Despite booking a home-away-from home with multiple beds, please never take it as a given that will have enough, adequate, or any pillows and bedding. If renting from a state park, most typically don’t supply those.  It’s always a great idea to supply your own.


Lastly, many book a cabin hoping to enjoy a night by the fire whenever a  rain-shower hits, but no one wants to be inside a peaceful, cozy cabin with a wood-burning fireplace and no kindling, so call ahead to see if firewood is provided. Whether or not it is, it’s always a good idea to pack along plenty of newspaper, kindling, and matches to enjoy the most of your cozy abode.

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