March 9, 2021

Skip the Beach for the Mountains on Your Next Spring Trip

Skip the Beach for the Mountains on Your Next Spring Trip

The beach isn’t the only spring trip destination, despite it often being the location most often associated with Spring Break. Though, thanks to TravelPulse, there are plenty of non-beach alternatives to choose from when planning your next springtime-foray.

As always, it should be noted that when traveling, especially in 2021, you should regularly check the CDC recommendations and travel advisories whenever traveling while in the midst of a pandemic. State and local health department websites are your best resource. Keep in mind that restrictions can change rapidly depending on local conditions. Check back for updates as your trip gets closer.

Coastal cities, sand-laden beachfronts, crystal-clear waters are often synonymous with springtime vacations, be it a “Spring Break” or even just a weekend getaway. In addition to it being an optimal location for recreation, it even allows for plenty of social distancing room and wide-open spaces for families to stay together while still having fun. Despite these benefits, it’s always fun and even a good idea to think outside the box, branch outside of your comfort zone, and set your sights somewhere less sunny and possibly more northbound with the following locations, as suggested by TravelPulse.

Yosemite National Park

The famed park, located in California, offers its patrons an environment that’s not necessarily as warm as Sandals, Jamaica during a spring trip, but the sights taken in are simply inspiring. Once inside the forest’s enclosure, you’ll be greeted by nature itself as well as utterly massive, prehistoric trees that you’ll struggle to capture with your camera. Though, it’s likely that you’ll simply be awe-struck by their majestic stature.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Up north there is a majestic city near the Upper Peninsula that blends together nature and modern conveniences, it goes by the name of Salt Lake City, Utah. Set the GPS today and make your first stop at the Great Salt Lake State Park. Alternatively, you’ll be able to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats and take in the iconic sights of the 12-by-5 mile expanse that emcompasses 300,000 acres. The salt crust has been around since the latest Ice Age, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Sonoma Valley, California

This location is perfect for two travelers who want to get a little off-path from the beach but still in the California sun during a spring trip. Here, you’ll see the lovely splendor of wine country, and once you set your sights on those gallant hilltops lying beneath a sunrise or sunset, you’ll likely assume you’ve booked a vacation inside a postcard.

San Antonio, Texas

See the lush greenery of this southern gem in March or April before it gets too hot in later months. San Antonio holds a lot of history within its limits, but it also stands tall as a living testament to the culture of its modern-day inhabitants. Take in the shops, eateries, and attractions along the riverfront, and you’ll begin to see why this southern town just north-of-the-border is often called the Venice of Texas.

Denver, Colorado

In the heart of the United States is the modern, bustling metropolis of Denver. The air is clean, the city is large, and frankly, the people don’t seem at all bothered. Stop by City Park for some lovely sights and space to move around or head out of town to a nearby hiking trail. The downtown scene is always home to a new recreation-based business venture like virtual reality or indoor puzzle rooms, so there’s always plenty to do in this strikingly vibrant city lying on the forefront of modern spectacle.

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