September 23, 2020

Six No Bake Desserts Worth Trying

Six No Bake Desserts Worth Trying

As summer’s end is approaching and you find that the heat isn’t departing any time soon, there’s no better dessert than one that doesn’t require you to sire up the oven. SeriousEats released a recipe collection of over a dozen no-bake desserts that are a perfect answer to the sun’s scorching rays and your sweet-craving taste buds. With this compilation ranging from a fruit mousse that only takes but five minutes to prepare to a chocolate cake that can be easily made in a microwave, you shouldn’t have to break a sweat- in the kitchen at least!

Ultimate Strawberry Popsicles

This recipe has “ultimate” in its title for a reason; it’s a grand collection of all of the sweet tanginess that comes when biting into a strawberry-laden dish and its many forms of delivery. These popsicles are made possible by combining fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, and freeze-dried strawberry powder in a blender. While the preparation is easy, the toughest part will have to be waiting for this fruity mixture to freeze, so you’re free to keep yourself busy with errands or chores in between your freezer-checks.

Microwave Rocky Road Sponge Cakes No-Bake Dessert

While some may be adverse to a microwaved cake upon hearing it mentioned, once tasted, it’s quite difficult to object to its taste and impossible to find fault with its low-maintenance prep or convenience of cooking time. This mug-filling sponge cake is made with finely-whipped egg whites, sugar, flour, chocolate, walnuts, bourbon, and a few other pieces; an added treat of mini marshmallows are a fine suggestion to add to your batter, for instance, giving the the familiar flavor of rocky road a lightness to the texture and compliment to the flavor profile.

30-Minute Philadelphia-Style Ice Cream

When making ice cream from home, it’s a great idea to look to the north for inspiration, specifically New England’s Philadelphian tradition of eggless ice cream production. Because of the lack of eggs, this ice cream retains a lightness and fluffy texture that’s oft-lost with traditional homemade ice cream batches, though it turns “icy” fast, so plan this meal ahead of time on a day you know that the batch will be gone by nightfall.

Easy No-Bake Cheesecake

Cheesecake is the one item on a menu that the accomplished baker hopes to perfect, and with this unique recipe, there’s no baking involved. This basic collection and combination of ingredients uses a subtle, sweet cream cheese filling alongside heavy cream, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. While a traditional cheesecake can be partially-achieved in texture and style with the graham cracker crust, the SeriousEats team invites you to prepare an aromatic Biscoff cracker crust.

Light and Easy 5-Minute Fruit Mousse No-Bake Dessert

This recipe is simplicity defined, due to it only taking five minutes to prepare. All the kitchen check needs to do is whip up the (non-expired) frozen fruit that lines the back of any resourceful chef’s freezer along with fruit, sugar, and egg whites in a food processor until it’s all smooth and fluffy in appearance and texture, and it’s made especially great when utilizing the raspberries that often go un-utilized in frozen form.

Homemade Star Crunch No-Bake Dessert

Give the petite girl named Debra a run for her money with this texture-rich callback to a simpler time. This is one chocolatey, crunchy, stovetop delight that will satisfy your craving for a cookie without you having to start preheating your oven. Begin with a simple caramel made with sugar and water, slowly adding in chilled cream and simmer it briefly on the stovetop. After the mixture has cooled, you’ll add in a hefty handful of chopped milk chocolate to give the cookie its fudge-like quality and Rice Crispies to give it that spacious, yet hollow texture that many recall from a childhood bagged lunch. While the recipe lessens from there with only flattening and portioning remaining, the hardest part will be waiting for this quasi-batter to set completely without the interruption of a stealing spoon.

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