October 1, 2020

Seasonal Soups to Warm You Up This Fall

Seasonal Soups to Warm You Up This Fall

Soup is the optimal dish at any time of year, but it shines brightly in the autumnal months as the weather gets brisker and a bit more biting.  A bowl of warm, fresh seasonal soup is always met with an appreciative glance as the temperatures start and continue to drop, so try out a recipe from SpruceEats’ collection of soup recipes that will warm the coldest of palettes.

Minestrone Soup

The Italian minestrone soup is known as a great kitchen sink soup, as it’s easily adapted to accommodate any vegetable in your fridge.  The base of the soup is made of tomatoes, and you are to add carrots, celery, green beans, zucchini, garlic, fresh basil, and seasonings. Toward the end of cooking, you can add in pasta shells to make it more filling. Alternatively, for those not necessarily vegetarian, a traditional minestrone can be obtained with the traditional ingredients of carrots, celery, beans, spinach, and pasta simmering in the tomato broth base. Add in some browned italian sausage or ground beef for a meaty flavor that is heart and made ever-more easy when it’s made in an instant pot.

Instant Pot Potato Soup

Okay sometimes one member of the family is genuinely craving soup, and sometimes soup is the cooking option that requires less effort on the part of the chef. If that is the case, and the preparer of dinner is busy in all other areas of their life, then this quick recipe is a godsend. The instant pot potato soup is a creamy, hearty collection that is flavored with shallots, thyme, and garlic. It can be ready in just 30 minutes, but as you can imagine, the flavor is made ever-better by allowing a longer cooking time. Be sure to top off every bowl just as you would a baked potato on a cheat day by adding bacon, sour cream, chives, and cheddar cheese.

Easy Vegetarian Pumpkin Soup

No single vegetable is associated with the autumnal weather, decor, and general season than the pumpkin, as is evidenced by every supermarket produce display, front porch, and corporate coffee drink. Though, just because it’s a popular fall recipe go-to doesn’t mean there’s not something to be gained from it; enter: the vegetarian pumpkin seasonal soup- perfect for any vegan or vegetarian. This recipe is not only healthy, but it’s quick and simple to make, as it only takes approximately fifteen minutes by using canned pumpkin puree, vegetable broth, soy, milk, and spices to make your kitchen smell like a great harvest.

Low-Fat Broccoli Soup

This broccoli soup may be healthy and low in fat, but it’s just as creamy and rich-tasting as its high-fat-concentrated counterpart. The body of the soup is made by the additions of low-fat milk and potatoes, but the broccoli shines through. This dish is best served as a dinner’s first course, especially when it’s topped with toasted pumpkin seeds or garlic croutons for those looking for a crunch-heavy texture.

Beet and Cabbage Borscht

Hailing from Russia is the powerful beet-laden borscht, and it’s perfect to take in during the gentle cold months of Fall. This bright red borscht seasonal soup is chock full of roasted beets, onions, cabbage, and white beans. Aside from warming up anyone on a cold evening, a pot of this hearty red soup can be frozen easily for reheating later in the season. To make your dish shine brighters, be sure to ass freshly chopped dill and a spoonful of Greek yogurt, crème fraîche, or sour cream.

Celeriac and Parsnip Soup

This Fall recipe classic is immensely tastier than the sum of its parts. Begin by roasting the vegetables to give a deeper caramelized flavor, and then blend until the texture is silky smooth for an elegant presentation when topped with croutons and a dollop of pesto or sour cream.

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