September 16, 2019

Nicholls Art Exhibit-Dorothy Fratt

Nicholls Art Exhibit-Dorothy Fratt

The Office of University Relations informs its readers about an exhibit that will be on display at the Nicholls State University. The University will be hosting and displaying the work of Dorothy Fratt. Dorothy Fratt is known for being an artist who explored the Abstract Expressionist movement and used color to deepen her experience with Abstract expressionism. Born in 1923, Fratt was from Washington, D.C. She received multiple scholarships from multiple schools that helped Fratt really start off her career in art. Her very own solo exhibit actually happened in 1946.

Not only was she an artist, she was also a teacher at Mount Vernon College for Women from 1946 to 1951. However, after this she moved to Arizona where she privately began to teach painting and color theory. Fratt’s main focus was Abstract expressionism. Abstract expressionism was a post World War II art movement that began in New York. This was the first artistic movement that was specifically American based and it actually had international influence. Abstract art was described as, “monumental in scale, romantic in mood, and expressive of a rugged individual freedom” (The Art Story). Booming in the 1930s, this art movement came at a time where there wasn’t much hope. However, artist like Fratt took that and ran with it. Creating art that will stay with us for decades.

This also gave New York City the opportunity to be one of the centers of the western art world. Though abstract work was done before, it was not until now that it actually truly began to be recognized. Abstract expressionism is known for the display of subconscious or spontaneous creation. Fratt not only used Abstract expressionism, she also used color as a way to create art beyond just the abstract. Her work ranges from representation to non-objective. This means that she her array of artwork is unimaginable.

Nicholls State exhibition will include all of her prints- this is the first time there is an exhibition that has all of Fratt’s prints. These works of art include serigraphs, etchings, and lithographs. A serigraph is actually a design that is printed and produced by a silkscreen. Fratt did not just paint. Her 70 year career included watercolors, prints, and drawings. Nicholls art exhibit will host more than 20 works Fratt created.

The exhibit is planning to take place from September 9th to September 27th, located in the Ameen Art Gallery. The gallery is open Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. There will be a reception held on Wednesday, September 11th. Starting at 5pm and ending at 8pm. The reception is open to the public. The exhibit is also open to the public as well. This is the perfect opportunity to not only get out of the house but to also explore the art world a little. With different pieces and works of art there is bound to be at least one thing everyone who visits will enjoy.

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