April 19, 2022

Must Do List When Visiting Portland

Must Do List When Visiting Portland

Whether it’s for an outdoor adventure or to experience a vibrantly unique culture that’s all its own, it’s always rewarding to make a trip to the Pacific Northwest haven that is Portland, Oregon. Luckily, this detailed travel guide from Travel + Leisure outlines everything you need to know whenever you’re considering venturing out to the sustainable, cultured, and community-driven city.

When planning a trip to Portland, the time of year in which you travel should be at the forefront of your mind, as the city of Portland has many can’t miss events and festivities year-round. For instance, you should consider checking out the Waterfront Blues Festival, the city’s largest and longest-running music celebration every summer. Additionally, one of the biggest draws to the city is an event known as the Big Float, a massive undertaking by the city to popularize the local river. Each year, approximately 70,000 people make it out to Portland’s waterfront for a city-wide flotilla and beach party.

In general, the best time to visit the city of Portland is in the summer months, specifically from June to August, as the weather is vastly more consistent than it is at other times of the year, making it more “in tune” with the city’s outdoors-based culture. After all, you don’t want your vacation to be hampered by a weather advisory on the morning of your trip to Mount Hood or the city’s International Rose Garden, especially because the roses are in full bloom in the summer months.

If you’re making your way out to Portland, you might find that you need to book your accommodations a little bit in advance, but the city has many traditional and unique options for you to consider. One such location is the Black Elephant Hostel, which is Portland’s first hostel. Complete with sleek and decadent rooms, this rentable accommodation is ideal for those solo-travelers and those looking for an especially social atmosphere. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood to stay somewhere with an unforgettable view, you should consider the beachside escape known as the Inn by the Sea, which not only gives you a stunning view of the coast, but the rooms are warmly decorated with soft lighting, colors, and comforts.

If you want to stay in a building full of history and style, then look no further than the grand turn-of-the-century building known as The Society Hotel. This hotel was first known as The Mariners Building, a boarding home dedicated to keeping Portland’s sailors “on the straight and narrow,” but it was later renovated in 2013 while keeping its upper floors untouched, resulting in the unearthing of a Portland time capsule. Book a stay at The Society Hotel today, and see why so many cost-conscious travelers, history buffs, high-end hostelers, and young adventurers  cite this as their favorite spot in the city.

Once in Portland, you might find yourself overstimulated by the offerings of “must-try” experiences to be found around the city. Though a lot of these are valid and truthful in offering you wild adventure and unforgettable experiences, none shine a light on making a trip out to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. These gardens stand to offer you the unique chance to find respite in an often bustling city while also giving you the opportunity to celebrate Chinese culture at a Suzhou-style garden that’s found right in the heart of Portland. Stop by this garden to peruse the tea gardens that are filled with plants native to Asia, magnificently decorated patagonia, or simply a chance to breathe and find clarity on your trip.

As always, before you purchase roundtrip airline tickets or hit the open highway on your way to the Pacific Northwest, you should double-check the latest CDC and local travel recommendations to ensure safety above all.

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