October 4, 2019

Louisiana Beaches Worth Visiting

Louisiana Beaches Worth Visiting

Louisiana is located on the gulf coast but the beaches seem to often be glanced over. They might not have the prettiest water, but that isn’t the only thing that Louisiana beaches have to offer.  Louisiana Travel explores the multiple beaches Louisiana has hidden away. Here is a list of beaches located in our great state that are worth exploring with both family and friends alike.

Grand Isle

This tiny town is right on the coast and the barrier island. It overlooks Caminada Bay, only about two hours away from New Orleans. Want to get out of the city for a while? Take the short drive and pack up the fishing pole. The tarpon and redfish never stop biting in Grand Isle. This beach goes on for 10 miles and feel free to check out the birds that migrate and call the island their home for a little while.

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Holly Beach

Just about an hour away from Lake Charles, this coastline goes for over 20 miles. You can even camp on the beach! There are also plenty of rental properties and even RV areas. You can make it more than a day trip for sure. Famous for crabbing, this beach is known for many “Cajun getaways”. So why not check it out for yourself?

Rutherford Beach

Looking for a more rustic beach scene filled with shells to collect? Look no further than Rutherford Beach, located in Cameron Parish off of Highway 82. This beach also offers camping on the beach! When you take your Louisiana beach trip, try to stop by and check it out.

Cypremort Point Beach

Cypremort Point is actually a State Park. The official name is Cypremort Point State Park; this beach overlooks Vermilion bay. Many boats often fill the water with watersports such as windsurfing and tubing. Fishing is also a big hit at this beach. It has an amazing fishing pier, so great that you could actually stay the night. Cypremort Point offers six cabins at the park so why leave when you can spend the whole weekend fishing?

North Beach

Looking for an urban beach in Louisiana? Check out North Beach located in Lake Charles. It is the only beach located between Texas and Florida that is an inland, white sand beach. It is over 20 miles away from the ocean so it makes it pretty unique in this area. It is also referenced as I-10 Beach. A boardwalk can be found that actually connects three different parks in Lake Charles. These include the September 11th Memorial, Millennium Park, and Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Fontainebleau State Park

Located in Mandeville this white sand beach is the perfect getaway. The views of Lake Pontchartrain are bound to pull anyone in. However, laying on the beach isn’t the only option. Hike the 6 mile trail or bike the Tammany Trace. You can kayak along the shore. It is the perfect spot for a day trip. Watch the sun set and enjoy the view.

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