November 19, 2020

Historic Hotel Stays To Consider

Historic Hotel Stays To Consider

Who says that the destination of a vacation or weekend getaway needs to be a large spectacle; sometimes you need only book a stay in a historic hotel that has an actual legacy and story to its accommodations rather than one resembling a condominium, and it’s easy to book with this listing of the most historic hotels in each state, as curated by TravelPulse.

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Massachusetts

The accommodating destination of this historic hotel is a prime fit for those interested in both Revolutionary War-era history and the literary-great, Henry David Thoeau, as he lived in this inn while attending Harvard. Built in 1716, this inn became the site of the Revolutionary war’s First Battle of Lexington and Concord. In 2016, this locale celebrated its 300th anniversary, and it’s located in Concord’s Monument Square, just a stone’s throw from other prominent historical landmarks.

The Candler Hotel Atlanta, Georgia

Found in downtown Atlanta, this historic hotel was built in the early twentieth century by Asa G. Candler, the founder of Coca-Cola. This 17th story behemoth is a Beaux-Arts building with exterior carvings of prominent historical figures such as William Shakespeare and Michaelangelo. Though now it’s a boutique hotel, part of Hilton’s Curio Collection, this building used to house several businesses such as banks.

The Plaza, New York

Few hotels are as iconic as The Plaza, New York’s most well-known accommodating stay. This glorious hotel has been hosting the elite since 1907 in its French Chateau-inspired Beaux-Arts building with over 1,600 crystal chandeliers. This hotel is the very idea of lavish living, and its had Frank Lloyd Wright, Greta Garbo, the Vanderbilts,and Frank Sinatra as guests. Though, for many children, Eloise, the famous children’s book character, immediately comes to mind as The Plaza’s most famous guest.

The Pfister Hotel, Wisconsin

One of the Midwest’s best known hotels is Milwaukee’s own Pfister Hotel. Built in 1893 in a Romanesque Revival design by architect Charles Koch, this was America’s first hotel with individual thermostats in each room. In addition to its forward-thinking amenities, this hotel contains the largest Victorian art collection in the world, and it’s found in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee and its stunning views of Lake Michigan.

The Omni Homestead Resort, Virginia

Built in 1766 in Hot Springs, Virginia is this hotel that is referred to as a healing retreat by the locals for its hot springs, manicured gardens, bubbling brooks, and golf course. Recently celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2016, this is the oldest continuous hotel to be found in the United States, and it even housed its fair share of celebrities and presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Woodstock Inn & Resort, Vermont

Originally built on the site of the town’s first tavern, this historic hotel is now a modern-day golf and ski resort.  It became a hotel in 1830 and later became the apple of Laurance and Mary Rockefeller’s eyes as they used this location to create their dream of an eco-friendly hotel, and that legacy lasts to this day, as it’s locally-known as a great setting for reconnecting with nature.

Union Station Hotel – Nashville, Tennessee

Originally built in 1900 as the city’s railroad hub, this grand, Victorian Romanesque Revival style building became one of the most unique hotels in the county in the 1980s after the station was abandoned.  Beneath the looming clocktower, this building features Gothic stone archways and curved windows in which the gorgeous spectacle of Downtown Nashville is viewable.

Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, New Hampshire

Built in 1865 as a relaxing outdoor getaway, this resort’s signature porsche have been utilized by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Stephen King, and many more, as the beautiful scenery and picturesque atmosphere make it an absolute must-stay.

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