March 4, 2021

Hamburger Side Dishes Other than French Fries

Hamburger Side Dishes Other than French Fries

Hamburger and french fries are a classic American pairing as traditionally iconic as baseball and crackerjacks, but just because they pair particularly well together doesn’t make them your only hamburger side dish option when grilling burgers. Luckily, Martha Stewart’s recipe blog suggests a dozen tasty alternatives to place alongside the canvas that is the classic hamburger.

The following options were chosen for how well their taste profile, texture, and ease of preparation. It’s not simply an opportunity to say, “forget the french fries, and try hash browns instead.” Least of all is it an opportunity to simply suggest you pair that fine, heavy cheeseburger with a store-bought salad; no, these pairings are truly a match made in culinary heaven.

Seasoned Roasted-Corn Salad Cups

When you’re outside, maybe poolside in the summer months, grilling hamburgers, a natural partner to your entree platter is something from the corn family. On the cob, off the cob, it’s all delicious, so why not char the corn, toss it in a glass with jicama, chiles, cilantro, a little oil, lime juice, and of course, queso fresco. It makes for a juicy and delicious flavor profile, that’s just the right type of spicy.

Crisp Zucchini-Panko Fries

Potato fries are out, and veggie fries are in. Specifically, these crispy, panko-crusted wonders that transform the versatile zucchini vegetable into an irresistible side that’s perfect for dipping in whatever condiment or sauce you’d like. The panko bread crumbs help to create a very unique texture that simply goes quite perfectly with a hamburger.

Shaved Fennel, Zucchini, and Celery Salad

If you’re weighing your stomach down with a juicy, jaw-dropping hamburger, maybe make your side dish a little on the lighter side, and that’s just where this wholesome, crunchy, fresh, substantial veggie salad comes in! It’s topped with shavings of fresh fennel, zucchini, celery, butter beans, almonds, and a dressing composed of white-wine vinegar and oil.

Cucumbers with Lemon and Basil

Hamburgers are simple; after all bread, meat, veggies, and condiments is essentially a sandwich. So, take a page from it’s unadorned cookbook and whip up this quick, fresh, and healthy summer side. Make sure your basil leaves, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers are fresh before spritzing lemon juice on top eight hours in advance of your next cookout.

Simple Coleslaw

Condiments aren’t reserved only for your burger or it’s bun; consider mayonnaise- it is the perfect treat to toss along with cabbage and carrots. Add some tangy mustard and sour cream to the mix, and you have yourself a standard, classic slaw. Serve it bun-side with a spoon or just slip it between the buns as an added condiment-veggie combo!

Melon and Cucumber Salad

Barbecues in the spring or summer deserve a large pitcher of lemonade, because one of the best ways to beat the head is to consume something sweet and refreshing. Most think this is reserved for drinks, but this simple salad is not only aesthetically-pleasing (edit: gorgeous!); it’s light on the stomach, impressionable on the taste buds, and ideal for your serving platter.

Garlic-Ginger Cucumbers

Often overlooked, the cucumber is a truly versatile vegetable, especially when it’s properly seasoned and prepared right. This little dish is a classic one-two punch that’s equal parts crispy and refreshing. The combination of garlic and ginger give a unique, vaguely-asian flavor to this show-stopping vegetable side.

Pickled Vegetables

The grilling of a hamburger isn’t the only dish that requires preparation to taste incredible. Take advantage of the availability of in-season summer vegetables, simmer them in a vinegar solution for about 10 minutes, and jar them for use later that night or summer for the gift that keeps on giving.

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