August 18, 2023

Grilled Okra and Tomatoes with Cellar Salt – A Cajun Culinary Delight

Grilled Okra and Tomatoes with Cellar Salt – A Cajun Culinary Delight

One of the most treasured vegetables in cajun culinary tradition is okra, and along with this delicious recipe from Louisiana Cookin, you can embark on a flavor-packed journey as we explore the essence of Southern charm through a delightful dish: Cast-Iron Grilled Okra and Tomatoes with Flake Sea Salt. This vibrant recipe celebrates the taste of the Gulf coast, infusing tender okra and juicy tomatoes with the rich flavors of garlic, cracked black peppercorns, and the unique Cellar Salt Co. Flake Sea Salt. So, let’s fire up the grill, savor the magic of the Gulf, and indulge in the warmth of Louisiana’s culinary heritage.



  1. In a small bowl, combine minced garlic and olive oil to create a fragrant and flavorful infusion. Set a wire rack on a rimmed baking sheet, arranging tomato slices in a single layer to allow them to drain, preserving any precious juices. Brush the tomato slices and the cut sides of okra with the garlic-infused oil, infusing them with the richness of the Gulf.
  2. To cook the okra to perfection, we’ll heat a large cast-iron grill pan over high heat. Once hot, season the halved okra pods with cracked black peppercorns and place them cut side down on the grill. Let them sizzle and caramelize for 2 to 3 minutes before turning them over for another minute of grilling. Set the beautifully grilled okra aside to maintain their tenderness.
  3. Reducing the heat to medium-high, it’s now time to grill the tomato slices. Season them with cracked black peppercorns and cook them for about 2 minutes on each side, allowing grill marks to form without letting them become too soft. These succulent grilled tomatoes will bring a burst of flavor reminiscent of the Gulf’s abundance.
  4. To serve this Gulf-inspired dish, arrange the grilled tomatoes and okra on a welcoming platter. Top them with the reserved tomato juices, ensuring not a drop of the Gulf’s essence goes to waste. Now comes the magic moment, where we sprinkle Cellar Salt over the dish, allowing its delicate flakey crystals to enhance each bite. For a finer texture, crumble the salt between your fingers and let it fall like fairy dust over the vegetables.

Side Dish Suggestions:

To complete the Gulf coast experience, consider serving this dish with some classic Southern side dishes:

  • Cajun Cornbread: A deliciously moist and slightly spicy cornbread to complement the grilled goodness.
  • Creole Coleslaw: A zesty coleslaw with a Creole twist, adding freshness and crunch to the meal.
  • Creole Collard Greens: Elevate a humble green into a delectable side with our Creole Collard Greens. Slow-cooked with onions, garlic, and smoky ham hock, these tender greens are infused with a burst of Creole flavors.
  • Louisiana Corn Maque Choux: Celebrate the sweetness of Southern corn with this delightful dish, inspired by Cajun and Creole traditions, combines fresh corn kernels with bell peppers, onions, and a touch of cream for richness.

The Gulf coast has always been a source of inspiration for chefs and food enthusiasts alike, and Cellar Salt has succeeded in encapsulating its essence in a beautifully flaked crystal. Cast-Iron Grilled Okra and Tomatoes, seasoned with this unique salt, bring out the best of Gulf flavors, reminding us of cherished childhood memories and the wonders of the sea. Gather your loved ones, fire up the grill, and embark on a culinary journey to savor the Gulf’s extraordinary taste.

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