June 26, 2020

Five Must-Visit Botanical Gardens

Five Must-Visit Botanical Gardens

The United States holds such interesting landscapes, foliage, and wildlife, but hidden away in bustling cities, lake regions, and dry deserts are botanical gardens begging to be visited. For those in tune and in love with mother nature,look no further than Scenic States’s recommendations of must-visit US Botanical gardens. Here are just five of the most historic, iconic, and picturesque botanical escapes.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“A 52-acre horticultural gaven located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. This is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, being home to over 14,000 groups of plants. When planning a tip, try and schedule the unforgettable Cherry Blossom festival, as the falling petals are truly a sight to behold, though the garden is impressive with each of the changing seasons. “Aside from the Cherry Blossoms that receive over a million visitors each year, make sure to check out the Steinhardt Conservatory, Japanese hill and pond garden, and Shakespeare garden.”

 Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

“This 66-acre botanical garden is located along Garland Road in Dallas Texas. It’s optimal to visit this site in the spring to witness thousands of blossoming tulips during an annual event known as “Dallas Blooms.” If visiting in the summer, be sure to watch out for water displays and outdoor concerts. Anytime of year, though, be sure to check out the scenic, picturesque White Rock Lake. “This attraction is considered one of the best South Botanical Gardens.””

 Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

“This 83-acre botanic garden is home to many, many rare tropical plants such as vines, cycads, and palms. In fact, be sure to see the 1,000- pam Montgomery Palmetum when visiting the garden in Coral Gables, Florida. It’s suggested that visitors stop by when the Night Garden and its light shot illuminated the Gairchild tropical gardens during November- January. “Probably one of the best botanical gardens in the US with such rich trees, lakes and gardens, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden was built to preserve the tropical plants and two-acre rainforest exhibition.”

United States Botanical Garden

“This is the oldest botanical garden in the United States, located in Washington D.C, directly across from the US Capitol. It’s been open to the public since 1850, housing over 65,000 plants. “This garden is small compared to some of the best botanical gardens in the US on this list, so expect to finish the tour within an hour or two. However, the garden still has must-see elements like the edible plant exhibit, rose and butterfly gardens, and a mix of tropical and desert environments, so your visit could extend over two hours.”

 Missouri Botanical Gardens

“This 79-acre garden opened in 1859 in St. Louis, Missouri, and its home to thousands of trees and plants. Here you’ll find the biggest Japanese garden in the United States and an impressive futuristic-looking Climatron, which is a large geometric glass dome, housing a tropical rainforest. “Don’t miss the English Woodland Garden, which houses 100 dogwoods, 300 azaleas and rhododendrons, and other preserved plants.”

New Orleans Botanical Gardens

While one of our favorite spots did not make the list, we thought it was worth sharing anyway.  Only a short drive for most, it’s something most visitors and some Louisianans may not even know exists and is definitely worth a visit.  Located in the beautiful New Orleans City Park, the gardens offer plenty of room to explore and are currently offering brunch picnics on Sunday’s and dinner on Wednesdays.  It’s worth a visit from locals and tourists alike.  There is also plenty to explore while visiting the park, including a large sculpture garden with more beautiful scenery right across the street.

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